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Pimple becomes dark red/purplpe/blackish if you don't pop

I usually get these dime-sized pimples that are red for a while. But then I put Benzoyl Peroxide for a week or two. Then, I don't pop it. It just becomes purple/dark red/blackish. If I pop it, dark red blood comes out and some white stuff (BP I'm assuming).

So why does this happen to me?! What kind of pimple is it anyway? I have a presentation this Thursday and it's not going away!!! *cries*

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I find it better to pop it.

It heals faster and clears the plug.

If you leave it, it tends to leave a dark dried up blood mark.

If you pop it after it becomes purpleish/black, It just get rid of the nasty blood that is caught underneath and clears the plug which is the white stuff.

I find it a relief to pop any pimple that is stuck on my face.

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I actually just noticed a dark mark by my ear where there was a zit for a while that I could never see but kinda felt when I put on my make up. I never popped it and just today I saw that I had a dark purple, almost black mark and became really confused because it looked even worse then the ones I've popped before that had healed.

I'm guessing that its the normal healing process and unlike the lighter red marks from previous popped zits, this one will probably heal with out scarring.

I wouldn't advise you to pop it, every time I've done that at least 4 more came up in the same area. Just let it heal and apply spot treatment or a mask to reduce the size if its visible. Makeup can easily cover it for a presentation but if you pop it now, think of the scarring and damage it will cause further down the road. Def not worth it.

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