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Hi everyone,

I've been reading this thread and site in general for a while but never commented. I'm a 25 year old female and I developed what I recently realised is perioral dermatitis around 2 years ago. At the time I thought I had just used a product that didn't suit my skin, but it didn't clear up. Looking back on it I know that what caused it was a combination of factors: severe trauma to my skin (really bad sunburn all over my face due to going out on a speedboat on a windy, sunny day and forgetting sunscreen), starting to use mouthwash containing fluoride, birth control pill and light usage of a friend's steroid cream which I thought would help my skin heal faster.

The last couple of years have been really frustrating (as I'm sure anyone suffering from this would agree), mainly because I wasn't really sure what I'd done to cause it and several misdiagnoses from doccors.

The only things that have made a positive difference for me are: stopping using mouthwash and switching to a SLS and fluoride free toothpaste, and easing off the make-up. After a lot of research over the last few days I have also decided to stop drinking fluoridated tapwater and using it to wash my face. This is because even though switching to a non-fluoridated toothpaste helped, the perioral dermatitis persists, and I think that the area affected is just super-sensitive to it at the moment. I've also just started 7.5 mg/g metronidazole today so hopefully all these efforts will culminate in clear skin at the end of the eight weeks!

It is slightly scary that POD is described as a "chronic" condition but fingers crossed! It would be great to hear from anyone who has had success treating POD or has any other ideas...

Thanks for the great threAd and info!!


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