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Runing out of prescription

Ok, i have like 3 days left of pills. 40mg a day.

but my mom hasn't called my derm, (yes i have told her, 3 times) to get my Blood test and try to get my next month prescription.

So what im asking is, if i miss like 3 or 4 day will it EFF everthing up? i really dont wanna be set back a ton.

This will be completing my first month. Ive had really dry skin, including my arms. and some minor back pain but nothing to big.

Thoughts? Suggestions? =D

thanks in advance.

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I would suggest calling the derm yourself and making a appointment. If your mom's your ride ask her what day she can take you and let her know your calling the derm to make an appointment. She'll realize it's something serious too you.

As far as missing 3 or 4 days, I think you will be fine. My dermatologist told me just to make sure I'm within a 5 day range to be safe.

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I read in the drug leaflet that accutane has a half-life of 90 hours in the body, meaning that its concentration in the blood is halved after nearly four days. It won't be cleared out of your system entirely within that period.

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