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I'm considering a no-product regimen. I am not very educated on how to fight acne effectively though. I am currently using proactiv for the past 4 months with average results. I have mild acne, nothing too serious but it's deffinitley visible.

Heres what I plan on doing.

-Wash face 5 times a day(Morning, Afternoon, Night, and after my workouts)

-Exfoliate Skin 2-3 times a week(I have never exfoliated before, how do I do this? Do I only need an exfoliating cloth?)

-Vitamins(I currently have Premium Performance Multivitamin by Kirkland)

-Fish Oil(GNC bottle, Fish Body Oils with GLA)

The reason I am doing this is because I hear that all of these acne products are "addictive" in the sense that if you stop using them, you break out worse than before. I don't want to have to rely on using a product every single day in order for my skin to be clear. Is this true that if you use a product, your face becomes use to it and if you stop using it you break out bad?

Also, when washing my face 5 times a day, what do you recommend soap wise? Like I said, I do not want to use any acne products that will make my skin use to it and then if I suddenly stop using said acne product I will break out. As of now, I plan to wash my face 4 times without any soap(lukewarm water only) and the last time I wash it, when I take a shower, I will use a body wash soap. Most likely, the soap used will be something like Dial, High Endurance or Irish Spring. Are these soaps going to harm my face or will the be helpful? Any soap suggestions?

Lastly, should I use a washcloth on my face when I shower? I heard that it irritates the skin, but I feel like if I scrub it will clean more and get deeper in the pores. Anybody have a clue?

Please add any suggestions to this very basic/beginner created routine. I can use all the help I can get.

Plus, I don't think I am adequate on the vitamin department, I feel like I should be taking something else...

Ah, I talk too much, any answers/suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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You're on the right track by dropping your products, but washing 5x a day is WAY 2 much!!! Try once or no more than 2x a day using a very mild soap or just water and a washcloth. Look up threads started by Adam08, AlexAlmighty, Wapak, Waterwater.....I think you will find them interesting.

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yea listen to yepican and if you wash 5x a day its really gonna irritate your skin and make everything worse. Im over 3 months into the no product regimen and am happy with the results. Its also a plus that you don't have to slather crap all over your face everyday.

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I actually forgot to ask this question in the orignal topic, but I don't exactly understand what "washing my face" means.

When I wash my face, I just take handfuls of water and and put my face in it and scrub around a little with my hands. It takes literially less than a minute when I do what I do. Is that what you mean by washing your face?

Also, should I use soap on my face in the shower?

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Honestly, if you are going for the no product regimen, the point is to keep it as simple as possible. You are trying to repair the acid mantle of your skin, so no soap, and no exfoliation. Your skin will flake for a while, but it is so worth the results.

I've found that using extra virgin olive oil 2x daily helps speed up the healing process. I'm on day 4, and this has worked for me when nothing else has.


Splash face with cold water

Apply EVOO, gently massage in

Let sit for a minute or two (Normally however long it takes me to put up my hair xD)

With little pressure, gently in small circles buff away oil from skin using a newly purchased, very soft dry washcloth

So here's where I explain, so I don't sound like a hypocrite. The washcloth is used so lightly and is so soft that it does not scrape away the dead skin mask from your face.

Now I explain the dead skin mask. After a few days, you will notice flaking from your skin. It's gross, but leave it there. You can't really see it unless you look very closely. The EVOO helps speed the process, like I said. I got mine after 2 days whereas most others using nothing at all (not even water) get it after fiveish days. So hopefully it will help it go away faster as well.

As for vitamins, just take a multi-vitamin (that doesn't contain iodine), and eat healthy. Lots of fruits, veggies, and clean protein.

And, after you work out, just dab away a little bit of the sweat from your face. Do not wash.

Anyway, that is my insight.


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I am going to start it. i will do what you said using the EVOO

I am just worried about the whole fact of me being a college athlete. I sweat a LOT, so I feel like the dried sweat on my face won't actually go away unless I use soap.

Basically, what you guys are telling me is not to use soap on my face at all? Seems like I won't be that clean...

So here's the revised regimen

Wash face 3 times a day(morning/afternoon/night shower)

Multivitamin/Fish Oil once a day

Less fatty/refined sugar foods with more greens/water

EVOO once a day

Exfoliate once a week(I won't start this until I am about 2 or 3 weeks in)

From the information I gathered, this should be a little effective I hope...

But I am still worried about not using soap..? Any ideas

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I've never done the whole "no-products" thing, but I am very much into the "no acne-products" idea, and I thend to think that gentle and natural tends to be best, product-wise. I'm not an athlete, but I'm at the gym (working up a sweat) 6 days a week- lifitng and cardio- so I know what you mean about getting sweaty and not wanting to leave that layer of grime on your face.

Here's what I would suggest:

-Wash your face after sweating. You probably get your practice done all at one time (rather than one hour here, another 30 minutes there, and so on), so wash your face after that.

-Wash your face at the other "end" of your day, too, but ONLY if your skin gets oily. What I mean is, if your workout or practice is in the a.m., then wash your face at night (before bed?) in addition to after practice (ONLY if it's gotten oily/dirty since the last washing); and vice versa (wash upon waking up and after an evening practice).

-Use a very gentle cleanser to wash your face. I use Dove soap (the white moisturizing bar), but Purpose gel also works, it's just more drying to your skin. If you like a gel cleanser but Purpose is too drying, try using Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash- I've heard it's very gentle and doesn't dry or irritate one's skin.

I hope this helps you!

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i really don't recommend you washing even more than once a day. When i first started this regimen i washed my face once every 5 days! My skin was fantastic up until about a month into this regimen and i got a really bad dead skin mask. After about a month with the dead skin mask on i decided to take it off and things have just been getting better and better ever since. Try not washing your face for even 2 or 3 days you will see a big change in your complexion and your acne will heal a lot faster.

The more you touch and wash your face with crap the more your going to irritate what pimples you do have which will make em last longer. Soap and cleansers are also a big no no.

Think about it, when you were younger and didn't have acne did you make sure to wash your face 3x a day?? No. You didn't even care and you probably only let water touch your face for a second or two in the shower and didn't use soap on it or anything. Then you got older and by chance one day you got a pimple and freaked out so then you started putting chemicals all over your face and washing it like crazy. As a result you started to get more and more pimples because you were simply over irritating your skin. This i think is the case for a lot of people including me.

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5 times? 1 time is enough, 2 times if your face is oily. Never with hot water. Only warm water. Try to go at least 12 hours without water/soap touching your face before another washing. The water only is a concept, not a regimen. Regimen suggests that you are actively doing something. The concept is to treat your skin like you don't have acne. You will find that your skin will be the same as without proactiv, perhaps even clearer, and if you are lucky, become completely clear. Take note that you might want to take note about that fish oil. Some people do well with it, others breakout horribly because of it. Experiment. All i can say is be gentle and even lazy with your skin (i know it seems like a stretch after proactiv)

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