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I'm considering a no-product regimen. I am not very educated on how to fight acne effectively though. I am currently using proactiv for the past 4 months with average results. I have mild acne, nothing too serious but it's deffinitley visible.

Heres what I plan on doing.

-Wash face 5 times a day(Morning, Afternoon, Night, and after my workouts)

-Exfoliate Skin 2-3 times a week(I have never exfoliated before, how do I do this? Do I only need an exfoliating cloth?)

-Vitamins(I currently have Premium Performance Multivitamin by Kirkland)

-Fish Oil(GNC bottle, Fish Body Oils with GLA)

The reason I am doing this is because I hear that all of these acne products are "addictive" in the sense that if you stop using them, you break out worse than before. I don't want to have to rely on using a product every single day in order for my skin to be clear. Is this true that if you use a product, your face becomes use to it and if you stop using it you break out bad?

Also, when washing my face 5 times a day, what do you recommend soap wise? Like I said, I do not want to use any acne products that will make my skin use to it and then if I suddenly stop using said acne product I will break out. As of now, I plan to wash my face 4 times without any soap(lukewarm water only) and the last time I wash it, when I take a shower, I will use a body wash soap. Most likely, the soap used will be something like Dial, High Endurance or Irish Spring. Are these soaps going to harm my face or will the be helpful? Any soap suggestions?

Lastly, should I use a washcloth on my face when I shower? I heard that it irritates the skin, but I feel like if I scrub it will clean more and get deeper in the pores. Anybody have a clue?

Please add any suggestions to this very basic/beginner created routine. I can use all the help I can get.

Plus, I don't think I am adequate on the vitamin department, I feel like I should be taking something else...

Ah, I talk too much, any answers/suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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be prepared to break out, i stoped 5 weeks ago and i'm still breaking out but i think its worth it in the long run

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Getting off of proactiv is difficult. I'd DEFINITELY suggest doing it progressively.. like, use it once a day, and something else, or your new regimen once a day along with the proactiv. You should wean yourself off!! I quit without doing that because i had NO IDEA what kind of HELL my skin would go through after getting off of that stuff. I read that it's much better to do that AFTER. agghh

You should definitely stop using it!! I found out alll this horrible stuff about it after i quit using it. It prematurely ages you!! Everyone i know that has used has noticed significantly faster aging!! (including myself, and i used it for only a year!!). If you don't care about any of that, you should keep using it. After about six months my skin was really clear. I had some results at four just like you. Also, the chemicals are horrible for your health. Every copy of the proactiv system has a horrible long-term health-effects rating. (if you want to find that type of rating for products, go to cosmetics data base . com (i didn't want them to take my link off :)))

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Im going to do it every other day for the rest of this week I think. I don't have severe acne as is and I was only using proactiv once a day contrary to the twice a day the label tells you to use it.

Im just worried about this because I am a college athlete and I sweat a LOT. Without washing my face with soap, I feel like it may be unproductive just using water...

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