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Natural Sugars vs Processed?

I have nearly gotten rid of all my acne by keeping myself away from gluten, now im not sure what this means for me but i have just found that it works so i stick to it (though it become EXTREMELY hard when you have a high metabolism and at times are surrounded by bread/cake which would be ok to eat but am restricted due to acne)

Anyways, its becoming a pain to get carbs in due to my vow of avoiding gluten due , problem is I need carbs for energy due to the small amount of body fat that I have available to burn. I have noticed that eating High fructose corn syrup causes me to break out in moderation as well, but for some reason I am able to eat all the honey and fruit I want with no complications. Does that make any sense?

HFCS isn't natural sugar, its considered processed right?

So before I give anything a try i though i should ask, do you guys think that it would be alright if i had cane sugar since its from a natural source but avoided all forms of processed sugar? My diet is very limited and being able to have cane sugar would open more doors for me to get my carbs in. I have seriously drank a gallon of natural "no sugar added" fruit juice with no side effectswhatsoever, but have drank as little as a single can of soda sweetened with HFCS and broke out 2 days later.

Is Cane sugar considered the same type of sugar as in fruit and honey?

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If high-fructose corn syrup breaks you out, my guess is that cane sugar would do the same thing. Both of those are highly processed sources of sugar that have virtually no micronutrition to go along with them.

I think that much better sources of gluten-free carbs would be rice, beans, fruit, tubers, etc. Fruit juice may not break you out but it's still not a healthy habit drinking large amounts of it, unless perhaps you are an endurance athlete or something.

If you must have a source of quick-acting sugar, I suggest blackstrap molasses, which is a significant source of vitamins/minerals.

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HFCS has the fructose and glucose already separated. And there are varying amounts of fructose in HFCS. Other sweeteners like honey and sucrose are disacharides which your body has to break down to use. Either way, you don't want to consume very much added sweeteners.

Eat vegetables, some grains, and seeds for your carbs.

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