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:( This acne thing is so difficult...

Hello, so I have been using exposed skin care and I do like it, it works well for me. My problem is that I have very, very oily skin. Okay so M to Thur my skin is feeling awesome and my acne clears up, but Fri to Sun, it gets worse. I work at Target and I know that I am breaking out on the weekends because of it. For example, on Thursday, I only had 3 pimples on my face, and now having worked all weekend (Only work on weekends) I now have nine new pimples...My skin is always oily and shiny at work because its so hot, so I always use those oil remover sheets, I use about 4 every day to remove excess oil, I mean this sucks because on the weekday my skin clears up and bam on the weekend it comes back so I can never have clear skin... I don't know what to do about this? I mean I'm taking zinc/omega 3 fish oil, drinking 5 water bottles a day, am voiding contact with my skin, and I'm washing my bed sheets every day and pillow cases... Its these weekends that are killing me and I dont know what to do because I need to work...

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i have really oily skin too.

I don't know maybe you should try like a powder that doesn't really do anything, just keeps your skin dry. like baby powder? I don't know I have never tried it but I'm guessing some kind of powder would work. maybe you should get a mini-fan? I don't know if that's practical but oh well.

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