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hey for everyone out there (especially those self conscious guys)

around some people i would be really self conscious about my acne (moderate-severe)

and around others i wasn't too concerned because i either knew them long enough or w/e.

so one day in the virgin(haha) megastore when i was going shopping with this girl who was just a friend, i make fun of her, calling her a nickname and later as we are walking around she turns around and gives me a kiss on the cheek!!

yeah sounds really cheesy and w/e but after that i had an epiphany; when i didn't think about my acne around people they didn't really think about it either but when i became all worried and stressed out about it they would look at me(read face) differently too.

so this might already been hit on the hammer already but really as hard as it may be, don't think about acne (other than your meds i guess?) people really will treat you differently based on how you see yourself

stay strong, don't let it get to you, and think of a topic to associate acne with so whenever you worry about acne you instead force the other topic into your mind and acne slowly goes away

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good for you bro, I know having acne is hard, but someday it will get better and you will be clear again.

I'm starting to clear up slowly but surely, and the feeling is amazing.

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