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post accutane redness, pic included

hello, i am 19 years old and i took accutane two years ago for acne. My acne has cleared up, but i developed:

-facial flushing, and burning

-Permanent redness of my cheeks

-dry, irritated eyes

-keratosis pilaris in my arms and upper back.

Has this happened to anyone? And how have they gotten rid of those side effects?

Any reccomendations/tips?

here is a picture of my face;




Thank You


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The thread above this talks all about it. I first took antibiotics for years and then accutane. I've had issues with fungal infections now for a long time (side effect of antibiotics) and over the top flushing (side effect from accutane). Needless to say, the medical system f*#ked me up. I have recurrent seb derm on my face (fungal), and have rosacea worse than ever. The antibiotics and accutane were supposed to help the redness and acne I had in the past but simply following a low carb, sugar free diet did more for my acne than any of the meds.

Do you have sensitivity to the cold (turn purplish/red)? Do you get red if you have to bend over and tie your shoes?

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yup i have redness and flushing. i am guessing i have had it ever since taking accutane 10 years ago.

going to get it off with the v beam laser soon.

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