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rose-hip oil and acne

I go to a qualified naturopath and since i have a lot of scaring from acne (and am still getting some) He recommended every night i apply a liberated amount of rose-hip oil due to its healing agents.

I was extremely skeptical and told him that its always been known oil blocks your pores and aggravates more acne so there would be no point until all my acne had disappeared.

But he said that although it is an oil, some oils are different and don't clog pores and actually assist in the natural oils of your skin to help acne.

I am STILL nervous about taking his advice not only because of what clearasil and any other product out there has said but also because i've recently had a massive breakout due to him removing some of my vitamins and instead of having a breakout once a month I'm having it all month round.

What are your experiences with rose-hip oil WHILST having acne? Does it cause more if you only use it a night and wash it off in the morning? I can understand if you leave it on ALL day it would cause flare-ups, but just at night?

Ps. I have PCOS caused acne meaning its much more series than any old case because its caused by excess amount of androgen and testosterone + hormonal imbalance. So its basically more flared up, dirty patchy and red than usual teenage acne.

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I tagged your post, along with a few other posts about rose hip oil. Click the tag and you'll be able to find the other posts.

Also, I think you meant 'liberal', not 'liberated'. ; )

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Try researching about rosehip oil before using it on your acne. I have read that it should not be applied on active acne or wound. STRICTLY FOR SCARS.

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I have actually been using it for last week, no new break out but no good results either. Luckily i bought mine from qvc specifically so that if it has no results i can return it.

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