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So I've Been on Accutane for about 4 months now and my skin is about 90% better. I have unfortunately suffered from a few scars :( Did anyone try any laser treatments to rid of scars etc? I want to NOT wear makeup anymore and the only reason I do anymore is not for the acne but for the scars. HELP!

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I would say that Subcision, Dermaroller and Fractional Laser work best for acne scars. Do remember to wait after 6 months or longer post tane if you decides to have acne scars treatments, else you might experiences hyper or hypopigmentation.

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i DO have personal experience with laser treatment. i had 7 or 8 'sessions' done over the summer...and well...honestly...it was a huge waste of time/money/pain.

i hate to trash talk laser treatment, it may work for some people, but it didn't really do much. it's been about 10 months and my face looks worse than ever.

the ONLY treatment that was somewhat beneficial to me was the fractional co2 laser. it made my pores smaller and my face was tighter, but as far as scars and red marks go, it didn't really help. plus it hurt SO freaking bad...and the down time is about 7-8 days of sitting in the house because your whole face is like fried off and you can't be out in the sun at all. it sucked. i had 2 of those done.

so my suggestion would be no. unless you have A LOT of extra money floating around to spare on something that may or may not give you results.

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