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Erythromycin, Retin-A, BP

Alright. I was using the SA+ and AHA for awhile, and I went to my doctor and he prescribed retin a and Erythromycin (ery-tab). I've been using it for about 3 weeks, and just wanted to make a post about it.

The first week and a half was pretty bad with the peeling skin. It was hard to eat without my face cracking and the skin peeling like sunburn skin. That stopped, and now I'm just fighting dry skin on my neck. Don't know why, because I really don't use anything as far down as it is going.

I'm taking 500mg Erythromycin 4 times a day, and using retin A at night, and BP in the morning. It seems to be doing a good job at killing the actives, and preventing. I've only gotten a handful of new zits since I began the regimen I'm on. Hopefully after this week the dry skin will go down.

I'm using Olay all day moisture lotion with SPF 15 for my moisturizer, and throwing in some jojoba oil. Seems to do the trick, other then the really dry skin on my neck.

Will update.

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Everything seems to be improving. Alot of my old red marks are slowly fading. I've gotten a couple of new ones, but I believe the erythromycin is meant to curb stomp the IB. I don't know though. BP dries me out.

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My derm also prescribed a BP wash and retin A. I don't know, maybe my skin is sensitive (it never was before) but after using the BP wash for about 2 weeks my skin was in horrible pain and my red marks seemed to grow darker and became hard. Since then I have switched to a gentle cleanser while on the retin A but I want some opinions about this. Do you guys think the retin a will be just as effective with a gentle cleanser as with the bP wash? Should I just suffer through scaley painful skin? Any advice would be super appreciated!

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Well, I don't use a BP wash. I use Dan's cleanser, and use the retin-a at night. I use dan's cleanser, and a 10% bp gel in the morning.

My skin is currently pealing around the chin area. At least it isn't where my skin stretches when I take a big bite of something. It was horrible dealing with the pealing skin around there.... embarrassing actually.

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