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I have had mild acne for about 4 years. It did clear up but about 4 months ago I got cysts around my jawline... I eventually went to the Doctors and he gave be 5% Benozyl Peroxide which has finally cleared up my jawline. I know have large red spots around my chin, and as soon as they clear up another one comes up... My regime is :

Wash face with Tea tree face wash ( natural ingredients ) in the Morning and before bed.

Apply BP to my chin area at night before bed.

I have been doing this for about 7 weeks, and my chin just doesn't seem to clear up... but I hadly ever put BP on my jawline where the problem use to be

Should I just stop using BP all together and see if that make my spots' go away'. My chin isn't dry at all, I have oily skin but my cheeks are slightly dry.

Has anyone ever come off BP all together... what were the results, how long was it until you saw a difference. I'm just wondering if BP is giving me spots.

Oh, I'm also taking 15 mg a day Zinc tablets and recently started taking omega 3 fish oil tablets. I eat a fairly healthy diet and drink around 3 liters of water a day

Thank You

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In the nutrition/holistic section of this forum we have threads like this. You may want to check them out. As well as the diet/holistic log. They are usually termed like do nothing, caveman regimen or water only things. Good luck!

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If you stop doing everything, youll have some comedones. Totally worth it in my opinion, your face may not be spectacular from one foot away but it looks overall much better than inflammation.

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