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7 months on this @#$! is far too long

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I've been on the roaccutane about 2 and a half months now and its really working, my skin is nearly 100% clear. But I've also noticed that its really taking its toll on my body. I'm getting tired a lot, feeling a bit outta it, lack of concentation, sore tired eyes, and sometimes I get real panicky which I think is especially weird. Some of the other side effects have got better such as dryness, but the fatigue and general mood its putting upon me is really annoying at the moment. I kno I should b real thankful that my acne is gone, but thats the point, its gone now and it jus seems weird that I gotta take this shit for another 5 months putting up with all the side effects and restrictions it has on me. I'm a university student, I should b out drinking all the time and having fun, all my mates certainly do. Instead I can't drink at all cause my liver's not taking the accutane that well, according to my last blood test. Altough I'm not real depressed, I do feel that the accutane is also negatively affecting my mood which i don't wanna put up with for the rest of the year. I think I'm gonna try to forget this year once its finished.

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Buy some milk thistle for your liver. Its a supplement and its cheap. You can buy it at walmart or other places. It has positive scientific research and studies on it that prove it helps protect your liver. Many body builders use it while on oral anabolic steriod cycles as well as on accutane to get rid if the acne that is cause by the steroids. Do a search on yahoo and you should find some research on it.

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