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I'm a 16 year old man(haha no boy for me), and have had moderate acne for over 2 years know. I am currently taking Doxycillin for my acne, and on tretinoin cream. I've tried the cream several times of the course of about a year, but I restarded about 3 months ago, when I got the doxycillin. I've seen little, if any improvement in my acne I take the pills twice a day and the cream once a day. Is there even any point in continuing? I don't think theres many other treatment options after antibiotics.

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That's a tricky question. Some people can control their acne with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep. Other people don't seem to get the results they're quite seeking with that, then again, not much out of topicals either. Although I never had this confirmed by a doctor, I am certain that antibiotics weren't helping me at all cause I was on them on and off for so many years. Proper living helped immensely, but unfortunately I was eager to get rid of my marks and ended up causing a huge downfall, used that retinoid Tazorac, and since then my skin has been breaking out to no end and my marks have doubled in amount. I used Taz december and january and that initial breakout they mentioned...still seems like it's happening. improve your health and give it time to work itself out. i'm not advising you to drop all topicals and antibiotics, but pay attention to your body and give yourself a chance to heal.

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