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PLEASE HELP ME! I need your opinion!!!


Ok, so here's the deal, I've been on differin and minnocyline for eight months now! and I stillhave acne! :evil:

and the differin is turning my face SO red it's unbelievable, and I have SUPER fair skin so it doesn't look too nice.

What do you think I should do, should I just stop the differin and minnocyline and buy something over the counter, what would you suggest?


should I get a new dermatologist (because, obviously, this one is not working) :wall: and see what happens there?

I also have BACNE :redface: what should I do about that?

Right now my regime is: (well, my old regime, I'm using something new now, I'll tell you that in the end, I just want to know if I should start up with this again)


wash with aveeno ultra calming cleanser

tone with sea breeze toner

moisturize with aveeno ultra calming SPF 15 moisturizer

I very rarely wear makeup


Wash, tone, and use my differin 0.3&

I also take Minnocyline 100mg 2wice a day


Wash with weird soap my mom gave me (see below)

and use oxy maximum stregnth pads ONLY at night

AND NO PICKING, it really does help clear up skin... well, it's worked for me, I can deffinatley see a difference when I do pop/pick and when I dont

my new regime is

I wash my back and face ONLY at night with this weird soap that smells bad that my mom gave me, I don't know what it's called... I believe it's from LUSH and it's like a brick red color... it works really well, when I find out the name, I'll make sure to post it.

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I would see a Derm yes. If its your old Derm, he or she should see that the regimen is not working for you and recommend something else. If not then go to a new one.

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I know exactly how you feel, everything seems to just get worse. DX

well atleast for a good while.

I've been doing countless amounts of products, soap bars, spongies, loufes, you name it, ive probably bought it. The only problem is, my dermatologist just expects that the thing thats working on almost everyone will happen to work on me. I've been using this for months now, NOTHING!

So your not alone on this, but if your dermatologist is odd (like mine) well find you another (im thinking of doing the same thanks to your post) :) Also how bad is your bacne and where is it located?

Mines on the top of my shoulders, (which im like super picky when i go shopping i have to buy high neck shirts in the back,) :( its not fun.

Allsooo: :D

how bad is your acne (i havent had that ever. A usually zit here and there but nothing to serious.) thanks to my cleaning face frenzy :D


Anyway your reply might help us both, youve already helped me bunches. :D:dance:


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