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Possible help for post birth control acne

I am 37 years old who has always had spotless skin. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was required to go on birth control during radiation treatments, still never had one blemish. Then I was cured and got off the birth control and that is when cystic acne started. It was the WORST part of my entire treatment!!!! I didn't want to go out of the house!

Then I needed a radiation test for a check up and they put me back on the birth control.... VIOLA it went away! So I knew without a doubt it was the BC causing it.

I did some internet searches and found that an herb Chaste Berry could help and went to GNC and picked up a bottle. I knew I would be getting off the BC and wanted to do EVERYTHING I could not to go through such horrible acne again. The dermatologists were NOT helpful so I knew I had to do it myself.

I got off the BC 2 weeks ago and this is usually when it would be at it's worst... I started taking double the Chaste Berry 2 weeks ago and the large cysts have not started... still have bumps but it seems to be clearing up already! WHat took 4 months before seems like it will only take 1 month this time!~

Just thougth I would share this tid bit with those who are suffering through this as well!

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Im so glad I'm not the only one experiencing this! Please keep us updated on if the Chasteberry is working well for you and if you start to break out.

I was on the pill on and off for 9 years and never had a problem with it. My skin was perfect before and after. Ive now been off it for about 2 months and i have completely broken out around my mouth and chin. It's more like lots of small red bumps and whiteheads, it looks more like a rash but a dermatologist diagnosed it as acne.

This last time i was on the pill I had been taking it for 1 1/2 years. I am currently taking 3000 mg of fish oil and evening primrose oil orally, and I apply evening primrose oil topically as well because my skin gets really itchy and dry. I've been doing this for 2 weeks and have not seen an improvement.

Are there any other supplements to speed along the process of balancing out my hormones naturally? I read that a lot of women take vitex after getting off the pill but they also have problems with their cycle, which I dont. Would a liver cleanse do anything for my situation?

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