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Question about pink mark on face...

Sometime a little before Christmas of 2008, so a little over 3 months ago, I scraped my cheek. It scabbed and healed but it left behind a pink mark that's about the size of a quarter. The scrape wasn't deep...it just look like the skin that was previously there is pink pretty much. But I mean, it has been 3 months and it's still there and it's really beginning to bother me. I just wish my normal skin color would be there instead of this pink mark.

How long will it be pink for? Is there anything I could do to make this fade into my normal skin color quicker? Would hydroquinone work? Is there something a doctor could give me? Would microdermabrasion work? Is there anything I could do that anybody knows about that will get rid of this damn pink mark? It's really annoying me.

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I have basically the exact same thing, just a bit smaller and more like hyperpigmentation.

I'm still getting acne in the spot, so it's a real pain to try to get rid of it. Your doctor could probably give you some form of skin cleanser which renews the skin cells, or you could go for a more homemade remedy of ACV or olive oil.

I wouldn't try microdermabrasion-it doesnt seem to 100% work for everyone, its painful, expensive, and probably not worth it

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Yeah, this isn't really hyperpigmentation per se. Like I said, it was from a scrape so, it really just looks like a pink mark, more of an oval shape. The skin doesn't look like it's all that damaged, like it's not indented like an acne scar or anything. It's pink on the surface more or less, which is why I would think it would go away quicker since it's just a pink tint. I don't really have a very fair skin color. On a scale of 1-5 in fairness, I'm probably a 2, like a Colin Farrell type of skin tint. It's not EXTREMELY noticeable either. I was just wondering if there is anything a doctor could give me that would make the skin cells reproduce quicker so the pinkness would subside more and faster.

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