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My skin looks horrible

Can someone please tell me what to do? Ive tried everything under the sun for my face and Im soo pissed right now. I went to the dermatologist , I eat healthy often . What the hell could this be ? Im using Retin A .04 and my skin is dry and peeling and red. It looks severely blistered

I use benzaclin on spots and Finacea in the morning all over my face and the retin A all over my face in the night . I dont want to ask my dermatologist because it seems like he doesnt care and im tired of running to a doctor for everything . Am I supposed to wait until my face gets better because my face feels raw , and Im still getting big zits. What to do? please help, I can stop crying. I dont have any support.

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How long have you been on Retin A because peeling and redness is unfortunately a side effect of the drug. It takes like three months to clear the skin, thats if it works for you. What are you currently washing your face with? Im sorry youre feeling down. I know what its like. I dont have much support either. My parents dont like me talk about it at all. They just tell me my skin looks not as bad as I think it does and then they tell me to quit talking about it. People at work just bluntly and nondescretely say, what happened to your face?

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Ive been using it for like 2 months going on 3 in April. Im washing my face with Dove sensitive skin bar and the Neutrogena foam cleanser when I wear makeup. The Finacea used to work before I stopped using for a while when it ran out, but now it seems to not make a difference. Im using it on my skin because i paid a lot of money for it. Is it too harsh for me to use Finacea and Retin A at the same time? It seems like neither are helping my acne, just blistering my face. It looks awful, I know how it feels to work with people asking whats wrong with your face. I hate it. I want to work with children but I have bad acne, I dont want to scare them and I know they are going to say something too.

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