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Ashley Cooper

Accutane Week One!!

Oh my gahhhhh my face is peeling off and my lips are bleeding profusely!! Tee Hee just kidding. Maybe thats not that funny since it probably will happen... ha ha

Anyway I took my 7th pill last night... so one week down... a whole bunch to go. I'd say the week went really well. My skin seems to have improved actually! Very excited about that!

I have noticed that I get dehydrated very easily, so I've been drinking about 7 bottles of water a day. I think the 8 glasses needed is about 4 bottles, so I drink a lot of water. Also I woke with a headache today, same as Wednesday. My contacts aren't too dry anymore, that was only bothersome for the first 2 days.

I've been pretty good about using moisturizer and lip balm, but I got a little lazy with the lips yesterday, I guess I was sick of the way it felt. So anyway yesterday my lips felt fine, not chapped at all, then out of nowhere I smiled a little and my bottom lip just split a little!!! Which felt wonderful!! I ran to put my "carmex" on and globed it on before bed too so its better now.... lesson learned I guess.

So week one went well, my skin looks better, so I feel better. Thanks for the support to you guys who wrote on here, I'll be back when something new happens :)

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Try to avoid carmex specifically.

Use some other lip balm

Yeah you'll notice your lips chap just be patient :)

Remember, don't use a moisturizer that clogs the pores on your skin.

And lastly, don't pop your pimples no matter how tempted you get. (make that a goal lol)

Thats all the tips I have for you, and best of luck with tane!


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two things.

one. make sure u take accutane with fat, i dont know if you already know this or have already been doing it. But about 50 percent or more of the pill isnt absorbed unless digested with enough fat. if you need more info on good fats to eat with ur tane just pm me or something.

two. dont get discouraged. week one was the same for me as yours but then at week two i started to have my ib, and then at the beginning of month two i had a semi ib. so dont get discouraged the end result will be huge!

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