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Guest Rocky666

You know why it stings??

Guest Rocky666

So I've come to realize after reading reviews for certain face lotions and moisturizers people saying they didn't like them because they burned or stung their faces,Well NewsFlash.....

It burns because your face is dry and/or cracked and/or peeling inwhich when these moisturizers get into contact with your skin it will cause your skin to sting and turn red for a short amount of time.It doesn't by any means mean that it's a bad or faulty moisturizer,especially those with SPF will sting alittle more than those with out.

Example: Cetaphil vs. Ambi....Cetaphil is just plain ole' moisturizer with a few ingredients vs. Ambi that has Avobenzone,Homosalate,Octisalate,Octocrylene,and Oxybenzone just as it's active ingredient which we all know are sunscreens...so before you throw away a moisturizer that could be good if you didn't have the dry,cracked,and peeling skin just set aside for a rainy day when your skin in 100% or close to it and then at that time try it again and you'll see the difference,would you should invest in is a water Filtration System that will take out all the minerals that come through your showers and sinks because as most of us know we have hard water in the states as well as other places in the world,some more worse than others in which case looking into one of those could be very beneficial,I mean look at what the water does to our bath tubs and showers....limescale,rust,calcium,deposits,and it dulls the film on our sinks,showers,and bathtubs.So just imagine what it does to our faces after a long period of time. :think:

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