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fresh 24/m in need of your advice ...

Good afternoon acne.org!

I have just found this fantastic community and in the nik of timel. I would say my skin is a mild case compared to many, but bad enough to warrant treatment.

I have red spots mainly on my forehead & cheeks and have had for many years. I also have a really blocked pore nose. If i squeeze I get a few curly bits of gunk out, a finger nail indentation and watering eyes.. & these strange white rice like things that seem to be under my skin that I can't get to but can see. My cleanliness has had much to be desired i freely admit. i'm a carpenter and get filthy dead quick & ready to get clear!

I have got myself some quinoderm 10% and raided my girlfriends bathroom. These products are what i have acquired. (could open a shop!)

  1. body shop aloe gentle facial wash
  2. body shop calming toner
  3. body shop aloe calming facial cleanser
  4. body shop night treatment gel
  5. boots exfoliating face scrub
  6. boots peel off face mask
  7. freederm zone balancing moisturiser
  8. LUSH ultralight daytime moisturiser SPF 14
  9. Purifying Multi-Fruit AHA Moisturiser bravura london
  10. Panoxyl Wash 10% BP

Can I use any of the above?

So for the last two weeks I have been washing my face in the morning with the aloe gentle facial wash, waiting 10 minutes, then applying the BP 10% cream so I look like a ghost. (I have tried to massage it in gently, but it seems to mostly end up on my fingers rather than my chops. So have ended up leavin it on, then checking the mirror again after 10 minutes to find it seeps into my skin on its own). & that's basically my new regimen. Oh, I have ordered some of dans BP but that won't be available to use for 2 weeks.

what do youse think? all advice is appreciated im just a little confused about the products as im just waking up to the fact i have acne not just an outbreak of pure evil zits.

kind regards #scouse

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Less is more in this case. The aloe gentle facial wash sounds good, followed by your BP. I'm glad to see she has AHA. That can come in handy, too, but not too fast or else your skin will get irritated. After you've been using the BP for a couple of weeks or so in the AM, try adding the AHA once every 2-3 days in the PM before bed to see how your skin reacts to it. If it's fine you can use it more frequently. Make sure to wear the spf moisurizer during the day even though you get sweaty and grubby. Take it with you if you have to rinse your face off during the day. It may seem strange that oily acne skin requires moisturizer, but it's mainly the spf that's needed.

Sheesh, your girlfriend has quite an arsenal there! :lol:

What's quinoderm?

p.s. I don't recommend the facial scrub. Scrubs on acne prone skin tend to be irritating. If or when you incorporate AHA into your regimen, that'll be all the exfoliation you may need. Best wishes to you!

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nice one again siava!

I have been using the facial wash (it is a foaming one) in the morning followed by the quinoderm. it's a white cream, benzoyl peroxide 10% strength. I haven't been using a moisturizer.

is it okay the way i am using the BP cream? I really do look like a ghost, i am using about a fingers length worth, covering my face completely & leaving it to soak in for about 10 minutes. I wasn't sure if i should use the moisturizer i have right now as it has SPF. but you say it should be alright so I will start to. it just looked quite greasy that's all.

I use to take the micky out of her for having all these products, but now im made up cus i get to pinch them !!! (thats not half the stuff she has accumulated, only the bits I recognized to be cleany products) Will be a fight for the bathroom, it's takin me about 30 minutes twice a day to do this facial ritual. Im bein advised to "cleanse, tone & moisturize" by the lady, is that sound?

Is it okay to clean more than twice a day then? I believe its the norm to do am and pm, 12 hrs in between treatments. Thing is, around 7:30am I do the first regimen, by 12 noon im sweaty and dusty, by 5pm im home and don't get a chance to treat again till about 8:30pm. It can't be good for my face being grubby for almost 10hrs of the day.

I have just googled this AHA moisturiser, and noticed dan sells it too. After a while on the clear skin regimen, do I continue to wash, treat with BP, then moisturize with AHA instead of the regular.. or do you substitute the BP with AHA? ohh im confused, I bet everyone here wishes they could just use imperial leather soap and have perfect skin. I guess gettin clean & staying clear takes super effort. (.. does that sound like an advert for AA?) I have lots of respect for all youse on this forum.

my diet is good i eat plenty of fruit n veg, & rarely drink alcohol.

anyhoo thanks for your time


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