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A Regimen that might actually work?

Okay so three days ago I got fed up with my acne, and for a whole day I was trying to figure out why the fuck i have it and why other people don't? I know were different but theres gota be somthing.

So I went on researching and I dont have the website right now because im still in the process of this but ill just summerize it quick. Acne is the result of somthing in your body going really wrong.... Hormonal Imbalance which makes sense why teenagers have it so bad...

So I went on to see how to cure hormonal imbalance and I found that it wasnt as hard as it seems, so I just went on and found this website http://www.smart-publications.com/menopaus...one_balance.php which has alot of things. So I thought of taking this regiman.

So two days ago I started taking these everyman pills because it was obvious I wasnt getting all the nutrients I was susposed to get in a day i think the only reason i dont have severe acne is because I drink alot of water when I blaze ;D anywhoo i started taking these pills and just put tea tree oil on my face in the morning and night.. and just after two days my skin is less oily smoother, the bumps that were all over my face are bearly noticable and my pimples are going away...

Just so you know these pills im taking are called 'Every Man' which I got from GNC(General Nutrition Centre) they are all natural multi vitamins made with herbs and what not, and the tea tree oil is also natural.

So in about two weeks or how long it takes I will post the results it a much better topic, with pictures and links.. but for now it seems to be working, also i feel great

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Let me know how this goes, I may have to give it a go. I believe that it's more about what you take inside of your body then what you do to the outside.

Let us know mang.

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