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How well does Retin-A improve skintone & hyperpigmentation?

Hello everyone!

I have pretty clear skin (thanks to Diane mite, a birth control pill that´s specifically for women who need contraception and want to clear up their acne. It´s not available in the US, and it´s nothing like Yasmin, Yaz or all those other pills who claim to clear your skin. It contains a higher dose of hormones, it´s awesome) but I have some hyperpigmentation left, and uneven skintone

I have tried (all with pretty good results) at-home Glycolic acid, TCA and lactic acid peels. And I just ordered a sample of Green Cream Level 6.

BUT, I figured why not give Retin-A a try. I don´t need to bother going to a dermatologist and have him ask me where my skin issues are (cause I know Retin-A is mainly prescribed for acne and maybe excessive photodamage. And I have neither, I just want to perfect my skin and I´d like the anti-ageing properties of Retin-A as well) cause my dad is a veterinarian and he can order it for me directly through the pharmaceutical company.

So, to all you Retin-A users. What is your advice on what percentage to start out with? 0.025 or 0.05%? Gel or Cream? And how long does it usually take for your skintone to even out?

And how to Retin-A and Retin-A Micro compare to each other?


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ive been on retin-a .025% for about 11months now and ive noticed it does make ur smooth flatter and smoother and over time, it helps with red/brown marks, it also has healed some of my scars but it does take alot of time ; /

Luckily retin-a hasnt had any negative effects on my skin unlike many people so i keep using it

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I'm on month 6 of using retin-A .1% for acne. My acne is doing better, and my scarring has dramatically improved. I do not ever want to stop using retin-A.

It did take months to start seeing a difference in skin texture/tone but it's worth the wait. I recommend it.

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