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Raised bright red scar on nose

No Idea what I was thinking

I wanted to try the Vinegar method on my raised scar.

I applied the vinegar with a tooth pick which was my first mistake.

The after a few nights the skin began peeling off.

I thought I should start digging at the skin with a tooth pick and made a deep whole in my nose.

I decided I have made a mistake and should even all the skin tone out so I made it all evenly as deep as the hole in hope of it healing evenly. So I had totally removed my raised scar but then a scabbed formed.

Anyway it is now back where I started just larger then before, more raised and bright red.

I hate myself for doing this and really want to know if this scar will fade or not?

Ive given up on the raised part of it now, I just really want it back how it was before.

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Leave it alone completely; no more picking, messing with it, nothing at all. Stick some antibiotic cream/ointment on a bandaid and put that on the spot on your nose. Do that nightly. Leave it completely alone during the day. If it is a keloid scar it likely will not shrink.

Go to a primary care physician or a derm to see if you need a cortisone injection to possibly help decrease the keloid formation (if that's what it is).

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Will the redness fade?

The raised part doesnt bother me anymore it was a really uneven scar but has smoothed out alot so it is less noticable. If the redness fades I will be happy but I heard it may not because the scar is on the nose?

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Thanks mate

Just needed some reassurance

It really does look ugly at this point in time and I was really down in the dumps yesterday

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im sufferin frm the same problm on my nose, i was scrubbin the black heads on my nose, to find the skin peelin off, its 3 weeks nd the redness is not gone, its not a scar....im a HR person ,meetn ppl in nd out....feeln down the dumps badly........

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