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Well I decided to make a log because like others have said I think it would be therapuedic and would be cool to look back at my progress after this Accutane is done. I guess I'll give a little background story in how I got to Accutane. I had mildish acne my whole life from about 15-21. I would get primarily whiteheads and it was rare if I really "broke" out in 5-6 pimples. Anyways fast forward to about 3 months after my 21st B-day. I wasn't even worried about acne and was enjoying life. As far as I was concerned the acne I had would get less and less every year and it would be smooth sailing from here on out. Well one day I woke up with a pimple I had never felt before in my life. Then the next day I got another one. Of course these were cysts. I started putting all types of BP on my skin and picking. I was so used to my skin healing itself I told myself it would go away by itself. I waited like 3 months before going to see a derm and I was getting a cyst what seemed to be like every day. My face looked horrible! Anyway fast forward about a year to about two weeks ago. I tried EVERYTHING for my acne in that year. The only thing that remotely worked was antibiotics combined with using Tazorac and even that only decreased the size of the under the skin pimples I was getting.

Now that that is out the way I'll update you on the present. Currently I'm on my 16th day of Accutane. I' taking 60mg this month and I will be bumping it up to 80mg next month. I weigh about 180-185 pounds. I'm not sure if 80mg is too big of a dosage but I heard that the higher dosage the less chance of remission so I am all for it. Side effects so far include less oil(YAY!) dry lips, dry eyes (which sucks with contacts), and rashes on arms. The first few days of treatment I had back pain but haven't had any since.

I'm defiently experiencing some sort of IB. About a week ago I got 3 cysts pop up all at once. I'm talking about the big cysts and I hadn't had one of those for about 3 months so that sucks. I can't tell if this is my IB or it was caused from Fish oil. I went and bought FIsh oil after reading about it here but I also heard it could possibly cause acne. About 3-4 days after taking is when I got the cysts. Haven't took fish oil since then and I haven't had any cysts so who knows? One of the cysts actually is pretty funny. I have felt it for the last 4-5 months under my face when I am washing my face with my hands. It's just been a dormat monster just sitting there waiting to erupt and sure enough last weekend it came to the surface VERY fast. I usually don't pick my cysts but this one is right under my eye next to my nose and PISSES me off. It keeps coming to a head and I've popped it like 4 times. UGHHH I think this last time was the keeper though. It seems to have flattened out. I have more "regular" pimples than I usually do right now. Probaly a part of the purging process. Honestly I can handle those though. They don't get to big and they go away quickly. Also they leave just minor hyperpigmentation scars.

One other thing that sucks is I have what is probaly the most important day of my professinol work life on Monday. I have an interview that I have been waiting on for forever. One of the reservations these guys had about me was my age. . Of course right now I have 3 cysts on my face and alot of redness from popping that one cyst. Dammit!!! Acne doesn't define what I can do and I hope they see past that. The good news is one cyst seems to be drying up and the other one has come to a head so hopefully it I just don't touch my face until Monday it will have healed up to at least a more presentable look.

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Hey Good luck with your treatment man. The shit can be nasty for the first month or so ya just gotta hang in there. I hear on the whole job thing. I just got a superivsor job at a high class resort for the summer that could segway into i really good job through the members and guest of the resort i will be working with. Im 22 as well and looking to land a great out of college too. Anyway this is me second course with accutane...i kind of messed up on the last one so I had to restart. Im on day 11 right now so we are pretty close.

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Hey Bryan. Your acne sounds very similar to mine (im 21) so i'll keep an eye on your log to see how things go. You've got a positive attitude that I appreciate seeing in people in our position, good luck you'll soon have clear skin!

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