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4th month now....

I have been on Accutane for 4 months. 80mgs per day. I still have lots tiny bumps (you can't feel them, but you can see them in brighter places) My acne clears for a couple of weeks then I get bombarded with some huge ones. Right now, I have three big pimples on my right side and none of my left side. Is this normal for the 4th month?

By the way, how important is it to take accutane on the excat same time everyday? Does couple of hours make any difference? If so, what happens? I usually take mine when I come home from work and go straight to bed. Sometimes its 12, sometimes couple of hours later.

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Hey man, I had that exact same question during my 4th month. I started really clearing up on my 5th month, and I didn't get any new bumps. Also my derm said I should try to make a routine with the Accutane, so I take one pill in the morning and one at night time. I think it works better that way but I don't know for sure. But don't worry too much about the little bumps, Accutane takes time to work, and a lot of people see great results near the end of the course.

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same for me. 5th month I was finally clear. 4th I still would get breakouts pretty frequently. I think derms rec. you take accutane at the same time everyday just bc it helps you remember-you have a routine. However, I took both pills together and sometimes it would be in the morning and sometimes evening. It worked for me. My skin is clear! Just give it a couple more weeks and you'll be seeing results.

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