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only bad side effects of spiro and good hair growth???

ok mainly i want to know about the side effects of spironolactone and if it helps your hair grow??? that's why my endocrinologist prescribed it for me. my hair has been thinning since about 4 years ago and she said it may be because my ovaries are overproducing hormones (i thought i had a thyroid problem, it was low (although still considered "normal") in 2005 but now it's closer to the normal range). i have oily skin and have had acne since i was 16. since about 6 months ago, my hair seems extra thin and i can see more of my scalp. and i've gotten cystic acne along my chin and jawline, which i haven't had in years. maybe it's just stress. (even my dentist said my gums were worse than she's ever seen them and asked if i was stressed out). which i was and am. i haven't started taking spiro yet cause i'm scared to and i'd like to research the drug some more first. soooooo.......

what bad side effects has anyone experienced with spiro?


has it helped your hair grow?? that's my main concern.

thanks all!

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The only side effects I had with spiro were constant thirst and feeling kind of weak for the first few weeks.

As for the hair, I have actually noticed a lot of thinning. My hair has always been very thick - even my leg hair grows out course and black - and it has thinned on spiro. I can finally use normal ponytail holders without breaking them, so for me it's been a good thing.

Unfortunately, I've never read that spiro caused hair growth, but maybe someone else here has had that experience.

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