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So I'm a filipino guy with darker skin. As most people may know, people with darker skin, such as myself, suffer from hyperpigmentation. Basically, each pimple I get on my face will leave a dark blemish and it takes a while or forever for the blemish to fade. Even if I leave my pimples alone and not pick at it, it undoubtedly leaves a mark. I'm pretty good about that, but sometimes I convince myself that picking the pimple early will decrease the size of the black mark - if i let it grow, the black blemish is usually huge! But anyways, that's not the point - the point is I hate hyperpigmentation.

My question: What can be done? I understand prevention is key and I'm trying. But getting these pimples is sometimes inevitable, and I'd like to get some ideas about what can be done to 'fix' the marks that are already there.

1. Is the sun really bad for these blemishes? I've always had these blemishes - and when the summer comes around, I usually get as dark as possible (no sunscreen ! I know its terrible) in order to cover up these marks. I guess over the years, the blemishes from my teenage years have disappeared. I really only bear the scars from the last 3 months. So based on my experience, the sun does not really make these blemishes darker or anything like that. But after what I read on this site, its seems the the hyperpigmentation will get worse in the sun! I guess I should limit my time in the sun and wear sunscreen eh???

2. Creams? Do creams really work? and how do creams lighten these scars? What are the most effective creams to use? Will these cream lighten all your skin, not just the scars? I bought this new product from Kiehls, a skin tone corrector. I haven't used it consistently, because I'm interested to know if someone else has used it. Does anyone have any pictures of progress using any kind of creams?

3. Peels? Sooooo far dark skinned people, do peels really work? Since I suffer from hyperpigmentation, I'm afraid that any rupture in my skin (let alone a peel) will leave dark marks all over my face - which would probably be a lot worse than its current state. My dermatologist said it was fine, but I'm not convinced. And even if there aren't any adverse effects, will it improve the hyperpigmentation on my face?

4. Microdermabrasion: Again, this seems ot be also out of the question - because any rupture in my skin will probably cause hyperpigmentation. BOOO!


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ive seen a black girl with alot of hypo on her for head. i know theres stuff you can do.

Fill me in! Let me know what I can do!

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