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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Soo... I've been reading through some posts on this board and alot of people are giving high marks on this ACV thing. I was wondering where I can buy it and how to drink it? I mean, do I just drink it from the bottle or with water and add a little..?

Much appreciated. <3

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i haven't tried it yet but you can buy it anywhere they sell groceries. Its apple cider vinegar in case you didnt realize that...from what ive read most ppl said to do a 50/50 mix with either water or like orange juice.

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I buy mine at the local health food store, but they probably have it at the grocery. Make sure to get organic with the Mother though.

What I do is just heat up a glass of water (not necessary to heat it, but it makes the taste much much more bearable), and then put some ACV in. I don't measure, but it's around 1-2.5 tsp for me, and I do that morning and night.

You can also apply it directly to the face, by diluting it with some water (I use 50/50 but you can do whatever you want as long as it's not irritating your skin) and then apply it with a cottonball.

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i tried this a while back, orally that is, and let me tell ya, i have a TOUGH stomach, and this is some of the most potent stuff i've had in a LONG time. it just hurt/burned my stomach from the inside out. i always took it before i went to bed, and i always fell asleep with heartburn. i was worried it was going to do something to my liver or kidneys or something, haha. my face was clearing up a little bit, but the cons outweighed the pros, so i gave up on it. i used a cup from nyquil or something. i filled it up halfway with ACV and then topped it off with water.

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I recommend trying this out, however, don't be shocked if it doesn't work. I had very high hopes because of all the glowing reviews but for me personally, it seemed to give me cysts, on my neck especially.

Lots of people go through an initial breakout, but for me, I drank it for 2.5 months and still didn't see enough improvement to continue on with it, and deal with the cysts.

I've been off it for 2 weeks now, I will be monitoring my cysts to see if they go down. Then I'll be convinced it was the ACV.

I'd give it a shot, but I don't think its the miracle many people do.

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