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Lets' Share the Ways We Use Jojoba Oil

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I couldn't live without this stuff.

I honestly think it should be an ESSENTIAL part of Dan's regimen, not just an option.

Although I've used BP for years, it still irritated me, even with moisturizers...UNTIL I started taking Dan's advice and using 6 drops mixed into a quarter size of moisturizer. This stuff is amazing. I did some research. Did you know that jojoba oil is an anti-inflammatory? No wonder no more irritation!

I use it as a makeup remover.

I mix it into my moisturizers for super moisturization and silky soft skin.

I use it as an "eye cream" (use extremely sparingly, then blot any excess off with a tissue). No more expensive eye creams for me!

I use it at night as a lip balm.

I use it as a hair conditioner.

I use it as a body lotion, rubbed into damp skin.

My husband uses it under soap to shave.

I read about mixing it with baking soda and using it as a facial scrub, but that's down the line for me - I'm afraid to mess with the regimen right now.

What about you? What creative ways do you use jojoba oil? Please share. I'm always looking for new ideas!

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Heres my way of using jojoba oil. I dont use it LOL It actually broke me out horribly one time and now Im afraid to use it! I woke up in the morning with ten cystic pimples all lined up in a row under my chin. I bet youve heard me say that on this site now for the 1234567890 time now lol

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Are those vitamin E beauty oils similar to jojoba oil? I have a bottle of Jason Vitamin E oil that I love, I wonder if jojoba is better though.

Here's some info on the oil (taken from Jason's website):

5,000 IU Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil

Natural Ingredients

JASON All-Natural Vitamin E Oil 5,000 I.U. nourishes, moisturizes and helps regenerate the skin. This natural anti-oxidant mix of Almond, Apricot, Avocado and Wheat Germ Oils help protect against fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin silky smooth.

This vitamin oil's ability to deeply penetrate the skin has made it one of the most widely used natural oils today. Topical application of natural Vitamin E can help prevent the damage from the environmental elements. Applying Vitamin E after sun or wind exposure can help ease sunburn and soothe skin.

Topical use of natural Vitamin E helps decrease the appearance and roughness of wrinkles. This vitamin oil helps improve elasticity and helps promote healing of damaged skin.

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