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I can't stand people who think they have acne because they have a pimple.

No matter how clear I am, how good my diet is, whatever regimen im on that seems to be working, I still have pimples.

I haven't been actually clear in years, I ALWAYS have at least 10 blemishes, even at my clearest.

These people think they have acne and they actually f*cking BUY ACNE PRODUCTS AND PROACTIVE AND **** just to clear up 2 tiny unnoticeable pimples.

Anyone else feel this way? I would do ANYTHING to get the skin of most of these idiots.

Just had to say that lol.

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You're not alone.

But... don't blame them. It isn't their fault. They're reacting to their own circumstances, which yeah, is a little self involved, but we all do it to some degree.

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It's all relative. Your ten blemishes pale in comparison to others with severe cystic acne. Don't make acne the center of your world. You're doing everything possible. Relax. Do something you enjoy.

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i feel the same way, my friends are perfect examples of it. one pimpled and they go "omg i think im going to go on proactive". great, how does that make me feel then? i totally get u 100%

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It's the same as those acne commercials. They show a girl stressing in the mirror, and I can see NO VISIBLE ACNE ON HER. It makes people think they have ACNE that needs to be TREATED jsut because they aren't 100% clear.

They probably think people with actual acne problems are gross and need to buy those stupid products.

Pisses me off.

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It's all marketing, but it does piss me off when they show a cute girl with 100% clear skin washing her face with an "invigorating" acne wash.

I dunno, I guess they're trying to say (subliminal messaging) that if you use it you'll have 100% clear skin. It just gets ridiculous sometimes though.

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I used to be that way. Complaining about every damn thing. I remember getting ONE little pimple on my face, and breaking into tears telling my mom I am NOT going to school that day.

Now, I really do have something to complain about. I have rosacea, dry/sensitive skin, AND acne. I have over 20 small red marks and a few raised bumps, it's horrible. I have to be extra careful which products I try cause one thing might help the acne, but will make the rosacea worse.

I sometimes think maybe God is punishing me for not being more thankful in the past. :doh: I wish I could have that "one pimple" back, lol.

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