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Hello, I'm kinda new with this whole log thing.. but thats okay..

Um.. hi guys! :shifty:

I'm pretty excited to be starting my own accutane journey.. but nervous at the same time. I've been doing quite a bit of reading up on it.. and have been doing some shopping just to be on the safe side when the dryness comes up & rashes & whatnot..

Hm.. so, who am I and why am i going on accutane?

Uh, well.. people might say that im a little young, but.. i'm sixteen and has had acne since i was.. 11? and well, it was TERRIBLE through the first few years and has calmed down since then. Right now i have mild acne with the occasional cysts like, once every few months or so.. (i think thats what theyre called? big bumps that are under the skin & kill when touched??) and hyperpigmentation.. which, i know would take a loooong time to get rid of while on accutane. but, i've had them for 4 years. so, ew.. they're kind of not going away.

Anyway, im glad im starting this journey :dance:

I get to see my doctor again tomorrow to see if i'm eligible cause i just got my blood work done last week or so.. yaaaaay!!

i think starting a log is going to be much fun. :)

any recommendations on things that I might need along the way is greatly appreciated! =)

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Hey jennybean! good luck with your course, I hope things go well tomorrow im sure you will be eligible.

Buy some chapstick, best to start early!

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Thanks for the tip jimmyjammy! I'm all stocked up on them! =)


I just popped my first pill! :dance: When i got the month's supply, I nearly started dancing in the pharmacy.. haha! I'm not sure as to when i'll start experiencing the initial breakout & dryness.. but, thats alright. Im not exactly looking forward to that as of yet. Then again, I have a pretty small dosage. Mostly because i'm pretty small at 100lbs.. lol, im on a 30mg dosage per day. Oh well, I shall keep you guys updated!

P.S. has anyone heard of the music artist LIGHTS?

i have that song "drive my soul" stuck in my head! :wall:

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Day Two

I doubt this is about taking the accutane, but my face is beginning to feel a little bit tight & dry. It's A LOT less oily.. which usually is around midday. Im glad that the oil is being reduced.. ahah, amazing stuff you are, accutane. Except, now i think i might have to bring a moisturizer to throw into my locker to use. oh well, we'll see how things go!

No new breakouts.. which, is good. I dont think it would happen this early into the medicine anyway. :confused:

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I know LIGHTS (well, perhaps not personally), and I love "Drive My Soul." Now it's stuck in my head. :)

Yes, it is probably a bit early for a breakout. I had about 4 whiteheads and 1 cyst pop up after 1 week, but then, everyone is different. I apologize if I missed this, but what dosage are you on?

As far as chapstick goes, Aquaphor is wonderful if you can get it! Good luck, JennyBean!

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Emeny: i'm on a 30mg/day prescription.. so its not too bad

Day 6

I'm starting to get some minor breakouts, nothing bad.. but, they're in the spots that you would never want them to be in.. like, in the middle of your cheek or on your chin? Terrible spots.

So far, nothing too interesting..

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Week One - Day 7

Today isn't so bad.. haven't noticed any major differences in my skin. Maybe I'm just fooling myself, but.. it seems as if it's getting clearer? I'm not too sure. I might post some pictures of my progress if im feeling adventerous and confident enough. I feel a pimple coming up.. but, hopefully with a hit of benzoyl peroxide, you'll begone! :pray:

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Day 13

Sorry about not keeping you updated, I had a pretty bad cold this week. Anyway, not much has changed.. I think my skin is getting more dry and I definitely have a lot more breakouts. Maybe it's because of stress? Not sure. Whatever, a few of my close friends have noticed that my skin was getting clearer & was wondering if I was doing anything to it. I was pretty happy that they noticed a difference! I'm definitely happy.. in less than 2 weeks, my first compliment! (Wow. That must mean my face was terrible before the treatment..)

On a final note, maybe it's just me.. but, my skin has gotten a lot more dry & so has my scalp. I have noticed a couple flakes in my hair. =( I never have had a problem with this before. Ah well, off to find a moisturizing shampoo!

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Day 17

Okay, so, I think it now safe to say that I have been experiencing dry skin. I had a nosebleed in the middle of class today. It was quite awkward.. I think I'm gonna keep a whole bunch of vaseline or something in my locker. My lips have been a bit flakey too.. but, I suppose its nothing lip balm can't fix. (except I have to keep reapplying it every 30 minutes to keep them moisturized??)

Oh well, hopefully my skip will be better.. I haven't really gotten any new breakouts. Or well, not too many i mean. I have a giant one on my forehead, but I have bangs to cover that.. and I have a lot of blackheads now? kinda gross.. oh well. I don't really care anymore....

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Day 20

So, I got my blood test done today. I was actually pretty brave this time. Instead of whimpering and crying, I watched the blood go into the vial. Creepy! Then afterwards, I was feeling pretty light headed.. which, by the way.. does anyone know if you're supposed to fast before getting your blood tested? I'm not sure.. so I just fasted anyway.

We shall see how my results are in a week or two! Wish me luck!

By the way, within the past few days.. my skin has been so dry (now its tolerable) that I got a nosebleed.. ugh. It wasn't too bad, just inconvenient.. Oh well. Hopefully things don't get too bad. :confused:

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does anyone know if you're supposed to fast before getting your blood tested? I'm not sure.. so I just fasted anyway.

Yes, you're supposed to fast 10 or 12 hours I believe. I always just ate a sandwich before midnight and then got the blood tests in the morning, so I didn't have to spend the whole day being hungry.

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well done for being brave with the blood test, soon be a pro. I hope the nosebleeds stop they can be very annoying and always strike at the most inconvenient time :doh: Anyhoo good luck.

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Thanks Zoid, JimmyJammy and ttyler! =)

Next time I'm at the doctors, I will for sure ask about the fasting. I'm curious now..

Anyway, I have enough Accutane pills for 5 more days, but.. my appointment isnt for another 7 or 8 more days? Hm.. I don't think this would affect anything, would it?

To be honest, this journey has been pretty confusing. I've been eating a lot more lately. (I'm pretty sure it's not related to Accutane?) But, I've been eating large (and proper) meals every 2 hours or so! I had a Whopper combo and two bowls of spaghetti over a course of 4 hours! I've never eaten this much, ever. :shock:

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Day 32

I went about a week and a half without taking Accutane and I noticed that after a couple of days, my face because oily again! Anyway, I'm back on it now and feeling better than ever. I'm a week into the Accutane (after i stopped for a week and a half) and my face is now mostly normal throughout the day. I'm quite thankful for that seeing as Summer is coming up soon!

All in all, I think my journey is going pretty well. No major concerns for the time being.. sorry I havent replied in a while though.. lots of stuff have been happening! Plus, exams are coming up & those suck.. ah well.

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Day 61

Wow. So it's almost been a whole month since I last wrote. Hm.. Anyway, I've gotten comments on how my skin has looked now! =) And I feel very happy about it. My only concern is that pretty recently, almost right after my last blood test actually, my skin started getting a little bit oily. Has anyone else had that oilyness around the 2nd month? Oh well.. As long as there are improvements, I'm happy.

Speaking of blood tests though, the last time I went to get one... there was this very creepy man who told me that since I'm so small, he wouldn't be able to find the vein in my arm & would have to find it in my neck. Me, being my gullible self, was scared shitless. But, he managed to find it in my arm.. And as the blood drew out, he chanted "Oooh.. yummy, yummy.. juicy, juicy." I never want to have my blood drawn by him again. I was scared to tears... Ack. :|

I probably won't post again until a week because I have exams next week! Hopefully I'll do well... I've been up studying pretty late almost everyday this week, gotta catch up on sleep.


I found out about fasting.. My doctor said that "it doesn't really make a big difference. Even if it did, it would just be the cholesterol levels and not your liver enzymes.." which is what the Accutane blood tests are for. Anyway, I'm not too sure about your doctors.. but that's what mine said.

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