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Acne on Back and Shoulders

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Has anyone tried the ZNP (zinc) Soap ?

After 1-2 months on ZNP my Back and Shoulders were Clear.

This coming summer no more Long Sleeves!

Only Sleeveless Shirts and Bikini's!!!! :D

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Guest fatman_uk

I use Ox body wash, its doin OK but still get one every week or so. :D


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Yes, You can use ZNP soap all over the body.

And it doesn't smell weird. It doesn't really have a scent.

I order the Soap at the Pharmacy.

Good luck :D

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I have been off ZNP Zinc Soap now for 1 month and i'm starting to have breakouts on shoulders and back. So I'm ordering more ZNP.

I love this stuff. It works and I know it will dry it up quickly.

Hope this can help some of you. :-

Good Luck


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I don't know about ordering it online.

Guess you could do a search for it on Google or somewhere.

I just order it from the Pharmacy. :(

Good luck


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Just here to update this info.

I've been using the ZNP soap now for almost 1 year straight.

I just keep re-ordering it b/c I know it works.

It doesn't bleach clothes and has bascially no smell.

And back and shoulders still looking great. biggrin.gif

They are now selling Stiefel ZNP (zinc) bar online.

www.makemeheal.com it's around $7.52

Or u can still order it from your local Pharmacy and pay around $9-$10.

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