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Steph's finally given up: My accutane experience!

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hey steph

congrats on starting!!! remember the first month is usually the hardest! and with you starting on such a high dose the side effects will not be fun.

However... this is so much different then what we experienced on RAM... with Accutane the first two months suck like RAM... but then it starts working!!! (i know-crazy!!) :)

Hang in there!

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Day 3


Yeah I didn't even realize I was on a high dose until you said that. Mostly because when I saw on people's logs that they were on 40 mg, I thought it meant twice a day, not per day. So yeah I guess my acne's worse than I though it was? I hope that giving me that much wasn't a mistake :| BUT luckily I am starting out just once a day for a week where I'm gonna run out of pills if I don't lol.

Ok so, so far I've took 2 pills, no major side effects yet though. Lips don't seem dry because I'm keeping them coated 24/7!! eyes are very dry though. I wear contacts and I have a problem with dry eyes, especially in the spring. But I've noticed my eyes being super dry lately. I am going to the eye doctor tomorrow though, and I'm getting glasses b/c my eyes hurt anyways when I go on study marathons lol mainly because of my contacts. And It'll make things feel better while I'm on accutane too. I use Systane eye drops sometimes, but I'm not supposed to use them with contacts. But they really work for dry eyes. I've heard Gen-Teal tears works good with accutane, but idk for sure.

Oh and I've also been drinking water like its going out of style like Rai told me to do :) lol

yay me :)


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Day 4

I got glasses today!

So every other time I've went to get glasses, I've always dreaded the part where I pick out my frames because everything looks STUPID on me. Well I found a lot of stuff that looked good on me today :) hopefully I won't regret my decision when I get them. I can't find a picture on the internet of them though, phooey. I'll just post a pic when I get them lol

ok so my status: dry eyes, slightly dry lips, my scalp feels really itchy and kinda hurts if I scratch it. Definitely notice photophobia, especially today since I had to get my eyes dilated at the eye dr's. The sun is really bright today and I felt kinda scared to stay out there too long, IDK how easily I'll burn right now. Either way I wore sunscreen on my face, just like every other day.

OK so fun story: last week me and my mom were at a yard sale near our house. I found a down comforter that fits my bed and is in gorgeous colors. It said $10 so I lowered the price down to $7 since it had a few stains on it. Spent $14 to get it dry cleaned (stains came out) Total cost: $21 and these things usually run around $150

So I've been looking for a duvet cover so I won't have to worry about it getting dirty and stuff, and I found the perfect one on Ebay for $30 with the shams too, and it had free shipping. Go me! Duvet covers usually run around $150 and you have to buy the shams separately for like $30 each

So then I'm thinking: need new sheets. There were these plain and simple sheets I saw at belks the the other week but they were crazy expensive! $68 for sheets! So I went last night and they were $28. Beautiful.

So now all I need is a bed skirt. I found a cute one last night but it was full price (29.50)

But tonight at belk, they're having a night owl sale, so we're going back to see if maybe its still there but cheaper lol.

OH finally found a picture. They say its mens glasses but they didn't say that in the store, and they looked good on me either way.




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ok so does anyone have ANY suggestions on how to make my itching face less itchful? I'm very proud of myself for not popping a single bump since I started my meds, which to be honest I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do. Especially where I'm starting to break out more. They hurt and they're swelled and at the surface, but I wont pop I swear!! That's my promise to myself while I'm on treatment!! But what can I do about this itching!! ahh!! my scalp itches too, do yall know of any shampoos that can possibly help this? I know when I was a kid my mom would wash my hair with t-gel to make it itch less but that stuff stinks sooo bad!!

umm I start twice a day on April 1st so I still have like 5 days of single dose.

question: Do yall get tired after taking your pill? I've noticed after I take my nightly dose I get really tired, but idk if that's just from where its time to go to bed, or because of the pill. The reason why I ask is because I don't want to be all tired in the AM right when school starts. I guess I'll just have to load up on caffeine if that does happen.

OOOH I've already noticed soreness! yesterday I had to help my mom carry stuff in a store while we were shopping, and the box I was carrying was kinda heavy, but not like more than 5-6 pounds. Anyways I carried it around the store for around 30 minutes to an hour, and when we got in the car my arms hurt for an hour!

um... also I have an embarrassing comment. I have this huge cyst right above my left butt cheek. its not on my butt but its in that area where my waste band to my pants hits. So my pants press down on it constantly and it hurts so bad. And when I lay down on my back it hurts like hell, and when I sit down with my back against a chair it hurts. What can I do about this sucker to make it go away faster? any suggestions? mehhhh!! lol

Steph <3

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ice it, it will help with the swelling and hopefully make the whole area numb so you don't feel it as much.

i don't know much else of what you can do :/ hopefully it goes away quickly though! sounds painful! maybe take some anti inflamatories like ibprofen. it won't help much, but it may. just call your pharmicist to ask what is safe to take with accutane!

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umm I'm looking in my drug book and the only drug interactions are: etretinate (psoriasis treatment), tretinoin (retin-a), vitamin a, tetracycline, dong quai and st john's wort (both herbals)

apperantly my severe itching is normal, it says 40% of patients experience pruritus (fancy word for itching)

I guess I will ice that bugger. What a horrible place to get a cyst. I guess it could be worse... it could be on my butt and hurt every time I sit down. I'd need one of those inflatable donuts people have to use when they break their tail bone! lol

Should I start taking a vitamin E supplement? My mom has some in the cabinet that she doesn't take so why not? I've seen a lot of people on here use it.

Maybe I'll put some aloe on my face to stop the itching? but whenever I've done that in the past, it just makes my skin all tight feeling and that bugs the crap out of me. Maybe I'll just take some kind of NSAID like ibuprofen or something

back to my wonderful reading :|


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Hey Steph...

You should really start taking fish oil.... i take 3 with my lunch, and 3 @ dinner. Everyone on Accutane loves these little guys (well i guess they are kinda big). I suggest freezing them, because they do make you burp fish- ick! My derm recommended them as well as the lady who does my Accutane facials.

These pills will help in so many ways. They will make you less dry (which will help with the itching)... and they get rid of any soreness related to your muscles.

Also, being drowsy and sleepy is normal... you should be treating your body like you would if you had the flu. Sleep as much as you need to!

I remember going through all of the same things during the first week- and i thought to myself... oh no here we go- do i seriously have to go through 5 more months of this? But it will get better after the first few months.

And dont worry about not having dry lips yet... those come around day eight- so get ready!!!

When i was itchy i would take a towel and gently itch cause i couldnt take it anymore. I wasnt really that itchy on accutane but I remember that exact feeling while on RAM- it felt like bugs were crawling on my face.

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Hey Steph!

Glad to hear your on 80mg Amnesteem, i'm on the same dose, except Claravis. Your course is going to fly by, and in the end you're going to be soooo happpy :] Just make sure to drink TONS of water, try to keep your hands of the Alchohal, And if you expirence bad dryness effects, ask your doctor about Vitamin E pills, they help a lot against the dryness. Also, make sure you take your pill(s) with food, or in the morning what i do is drink a glass of milk than take my pill, since their is little time before school and everything. Another tip i can give you is carrying around a small bottle of moisturizer, especially in School, you make get flaky skin due to the Accutane, this can be very embaressing, especially in school, so you may want to get a travel sized bottle of moisturizer incase of that, it really helps me. If you need to know anything else just ask.

For the tiredness, that is most likely just because your tired at night, i know the feeling your getting though, it is probably a mixture of the pill making you have less energy, and the fact that you're already tired at night. This probably wont happen in school since you will be more active, and just had a night of sleep.

For the soreness, thats going to happen a lot, youre just going to have to deal with it, maybe try to relax you're muscles more, and do less strenuous activities.

For the Cyst, all i can really say is put some ice on it maybe, maybe put a little Benzyl Peroxide on it, don't try to pop it or pick it, but goodluck with that,

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Brit: Yeah I already take one fish oil a day, but I may increase to more often than just once per day. The only thing is that my nutrition teacher told me that fish oil is high in vitamin A... so idk if there is a significant contraindication? The one's I've took have never caused a fishy aftertaste, thank god!

It's hard to treat myself to the many naps I want because nursing school is HELL! you have to do so much homework. But luckily we're getting out soon for a 2 week break before summer classes.

Oh I've already noticed the dry lips, I've just been keeping them covered in aquaphor! OK, so I didn't think my "drink lots of water" idea all the way through... I woke up last night at like 2am having to pee sooo bad!! lol But I'm glad it woke me up because my lips were super dry and needed some TLC lol

Yeah I've been doing the towl thing too so its not as harsh as a fingernail!

Pleaseeee: yeah I don't fool with alcohol anyways. The one time (and last time) I truly got drunk was last December when I thought dippin into my dad's rum would fix my depressed state. 10 shots later (yes I said 10) all I had was a ton of vomit... for around 6 hours... never again!!! I was really stupid to do that anyways because I take antidepressants and those two should not be combined.

Yeah I've been thinking about vitamin E supplements too. I carry a small tube of aquaphor in my bag when I go to school and keep some in my scrub pockets during clinicals. and I always have a ton of moisturizer in my pocketbook anyways, even when I wasn't on treatment, just because I have really dry hands from washing them so much at clinicals, and using rubber gloves.

yeah the ice really seemed to help yesterday because I feel like it's going down today. bad cyst!!

ok so

Day six:

itchy skin, dry lips, tired...

but I'm happy :)


ps I have pictures I just have to upload them and put them on my log... someday!! lol

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ok sorry I've already posted for today, but I figured I'd add this in every Sunday... so I won't overkill this part

Forehead: actives: 4 healing: 3

Left Cheek: actives: 1 healing: 4

Right Cheek: actives: 5 healing: 4

Chin: actives: 2 healing: 4

Neck/Jawline: actives: 6 healing: 5ish?

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Day Seven

lips hurt

head itches

head hurts from itching

I'm watching MTV teen cribs, and let me just say these kids need a life.. gosh its like they have everything at their house so they won't have to leave, or get away from the tv ever! ugh I'm glad I'm not filthy rich


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IB is really kicking in. I got my glasses today, which by the way rock! I've had this weird pain in mY rib area that's hurt all week, especially when I breathe in. I suddenly want to work out and start running again, probably just because I can't. Finals are next week :( and :) at the same time. I'm so ready for a break. I start taking my meds twice a day tomorrow.


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Ok, I having been reading but glad to hear you started. I suggest you stay moisturized to get rid of the itchy skin because when your skin is dry it itches, plan and simple. Try to use something oily that actually sticks to your skin. I dont know if you read my log lately but on about at the end of my first week, month 2 and my face is not dry nor lips. Someone suggest that is might be because of how much water I drink, that sounds about true. I drink like 3-5 16oz bottles of water a day and nothing else, beside OJ occasionally. On top of that I take different vitamins that are good for hair, skin, and nails (see below). I heard that one guy say he takes like 6 omega-3s, phew, thats alot i take two, actually everything you see below I take two of. I speak so highly of where I am at right now with my course but I pray to God that it does not change and I dont get a horrible IB. Now, I get maybe two bumps a week on the side of my face and they dont bother me since I wear my hair down and it covers it. Thank God for hair! It has been my save keeping during this horrible period in my life.

I might have wrote more here then I occassionaly write on my log....Anyways remember to SMILE!!!

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ok updatingness

Day 11 (my lucky number)

School's almost over!! I have one more clinical day on Monday, Nutrition final on Wednesday and Med Surg final on Thursday. Computer final on the 11th.

I'm sooo ready for some summer laziness!!

I finally got my glasses, they look really good (to me) even though like no one said anything to me, even my boyfriend :( oh well I like them and that's all that matters!

I finally uploaded my pictures from my camera, I'll put them up ASAP

um.. I'm really breaking out. No big deal, I expected I would. I'm not angry or anything.

I've been feeling a lot less depressed lately, which is good. I think giving me something to look forward to (being clear after accutane) has lifted my mood a little bit.

Um.. I always get these little scaly patches on my arms. I used to keep them under control by washing my arms with head & shoulders everyday. They've came back since I went on accutane, so I'll just start doing this routine again. They don't itch or anything. They don't even bother me like I used to either, because I used to tan out side or in my mom's tanning bed, and the spots wouldn't get dark like my surrounding skin. Now I don't tan anywhere, inside or outside, so I don't care about them being there.

I keep smelling blood every now and then, and tasting it, so I figure my nose will start bleeding within the next few weeks. But my blood has a very strong metallic odor and taste where I take Iron pills for my anemia. so who knows?

I stopped taking my multivitamins today where I'm on twice a day now.

I might need to get some calcium pills to make sure I'm still getting enough. I don't drink a lot of milk.

I was all worried about it making me tired in the am, and so far it seems like its made me had more energy? go figure lol

anyways, so I bought a really cute bag on ebay earlier. I'll post pics :)


yay I'm William Hung just came on shuffle on my iPod :)



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Day 15

wow I can't believe I'm saying this already, but my face is already clearing up so much. My skin even feels smoother! The only problems I'm having is my lips are cracked at the corners so it hurts to open too much. But I can live with that. I'm kinda sore all over but that's ok too. My neck is still breaking out a lot, which bothers me but I don't care because no one can really see it. I've been a free bleeder lately. Like yesterday at the library, I scratched at my earring hole and it started bleeding and wouldn't stop for a few minutes. My back has also been breaking out, but IDK if its from accutane or from where I started using lotion on my back (which I stopped doing about 2 years ago b/c it broke my back out terribly).

ok updates: Done with clinicals!

Done with nutrition (YESSSS)

MedSurg exam tomorrow

Computers exam Monday.

today = tons and tons of studying!! & I also have to go to my therapist at 4, so hopefully that will be good.

:) steph

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I just realized I never did update my lotions n stuff...

ok so my meds now are: Amnesteem 80 mg per day, prilosec OTC, allegra, ortho tri cyclen lo (which will soon change because its so freakin expensive), ferrous sulfate (iron), vitamin E, omega 369, b complex, prozac every other day (will soon change also because I HATE PROZAC!!)

ok so regimen:


wash with milk & shea body bar (yes on my face)

moisturize with Radiance SPF 15 lotion

make up: Organic Wear tinted moisturizer and loose powder

Walmart brand cetaphil lotion on my neck, back and chest.

any other lotion on my arms, stomach and legs.


wash with milk & shea body bar

Radiance Serum

Radiance night lotion

Radiance eye creme

Lotion all over at night too

eye drops: Systane

aquaphor: DUH

lots and lots of water

um... I hate to admit this, but tons of caffeine to get me through school

or else I'd fail or fall asleep on a patient or something lol

My period started today, and my cramps hurt so much more than they usually do without accutane. I had to take a darvocet to get me through my exam. Tomorrow's my really hard exam so maybe I'll feel fine tomorrow :| wish me luck guys!!


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Day 16

today... I finished my exams

I'm so freakin happy :) yayyyy

and also, I got complemented on my skin today which made me super happy

my eyes are super dry but eyedrops help.

My big toe is like swelled up & infected I think ... I guess I'll just have to soak it in epsom salts the next few days until it gets better.

OMG I don't think my room has ever been this dirty before. I really can't even walk without having to step over stuff... I guess that's what I'll do tonight, clean lol

ok well I guess that's it for today


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Day 18

OMG I'm so glad I'm out of school for 2 weeks! I put all my old textbooks on amazon, maybe I'll get some cash. I gotta put some stuff on ebay later too.

Since I had so much free time yesterday, I did some deep cleaning on my room and closet & I feel wonderful!!

I watched 27 dresses on HBO just for the hell of it, and I'm surprised to say that it was really good!!

UGH! I feel like a fish out of water, I've been so freakin thirsty lately!!!

I was supposed to take my cat Tito to the vet this morning, but my mom let him outside to piddle and he never came back :evil: so I missed his appointment. That little turd.

ok well I'm gonna get in the shower, I feel all itchy & maybe that will help.


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Day 19

hola buddies

I feel like no one has posted to my log in forever. :(

Every flake of skin around my nose and mouth is about to fall off, and not in a pain free way either

I can't get this sore on the corner of my lips to heal, it hurts so bad :(

Its so weird not having to wash my hair every day



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We are reading! Dont stop posting as you are some weeks ahead of me. ;) I can predict a little better what will happen..

Youre cute, and with the acne gone your are going to shine even more.. ;)

I have a few exams left, but after that i have to work.. That sucks. Would have been better to use this summer to heal my acne. However, its kind of crappy to not have any savings for next year.. Student loan doesnt get me far. Glad my parents are here to pay the accutane..

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Hey Steph!

I just read your blog, and I'm so excited for you! I just joined, and I'm to start Roaccutane in a month hopefully, sucks to be a girl sometimes. Anywayyys, I'm so excited, and I can't wait to get my blood test! weird? so I plan to keep checking here to see what to expect. :) hope all goes well

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