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Please help... Users of DIANE-35

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Hi... I have a very simple yet crucial question for the use of DIANE-35. II have recently been prescribed DIANE-35 for irregular periods and acne. But I am a little confused over the 21 days and the 7 days break. Does taking the 21 pills mean my period will come every 21 days?

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Hi There

I was on Diane 35 for almost 4 years

my period came like clock work every 26-27 days...

look at this years Oct 2004 calendar (for example below)

my pills would finish always on a Friday Oct 1st

my period would show up on the 5th maybe 6th.

I would start my new pack on the 9th until the 29th...

period would show up on the Nov 2 or 3.

they are just like any other pills - I went from a

Triphasal cycle to a Diane the next, without any problems...

just make sure you take it the same time everyday if

you can .... they are a little temperamental that way...

I forgot one day and was 5 hours late...had a little spotting that month.

good luck with this!!

my face did get a little worse before it got better

(don't you just hate that!)

my cons -

did a doozy on my monthly migraines...

made them 10 times worse

tired exhausted feeling all the time

pms was a b*tch! and so was I!

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