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very mild acne, now what

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I have been on this forum for some time now. I dont have real acne and I consider myself to be blessed. But I do have some spots here and there. On top of that I have an bumpy skin. They hardly ever develop in pimples I just have a real rough skin texture.

I started to use BP but its overdrying.. Dan said something about alpha hydroxy .. what is that?

Its real hard to show you what my skin is like. Because its only noticeable in a certain light. I know some poeple may say that I should be glad I dont have severe acne but my skin condition is bothering me.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could solve my problem.

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Maybe you're like me and your pores are "clogged" and form tiny bumps. These bumps increase in size, depending on the amount of oil you produce.

Is your face dry, normal, or oily?

Mine is somewhat oily, but even dry skin can get clogged pores... However, since my skin is oily, I think that these clogged pores get infected right before they are expelled from natural exfoliation.

Right now I'm doing SA 2% cleanser, vinegar as toner, and SA dual-action moisturizer. After an initial "breakout" I THINK that this may solve my problem, but I'm not certain.

My goal is to prevent the pores from getting clogged.

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i have pretty mild acne..actually..no acne just a few breakouts every once in a while..i used the regimen but the BP can get too drying..lately..I use a vinegar toner at night and thenput on BP (it stings abit) then in the morning wash with a SA wash(i use Aveeno cuz it's not drying) and put on moisturiser and my texture has really improved and those few zits i used to get are history!

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Thats not fair..

His picture may seem fine but pictures are never that up close.

If his skin bothers him, then thats the only thing that matters and he should be free to get it clear no matter.

A person doesnt have to have severe cystic, bumpy, pus all their face acne to qualify for acne treatment.

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