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Im sticking on a BP regime (Benzaclin) but I was wondering about something the other day after my doctor's visit.

Has anyone ever found drinking alcohol and/or smoking cigs affect their skin any? I do both in pretty good amounts on the weekends but I never saw a major result because of it. Then again, I hear a pimple usually starts up weeks before its seen so its kinda difficult to notice what might have started it up at the time. (I mean hell, who remembers what they did specifically three weeks ago?!?)

So.... hmmmm... opinions? I dont think I'll be giving up drinking anytime soon. I've already turned down oral antibiotics in the past because it would prevent me from kicking back a few drinks on the weekend. I would hate to think that drinking & smoking may the root of my skin problems cuz... I just cant give them up yet! Not while im in college... dear god no!

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Thats the thing.... I was on antibiotics 3 years ago and my face cleared up and then last year when I started drinking more heavily and on a more frequent basis, my skin started to break out.... and its been breaking out ever since until recently. I was on antibiotics last year again yet it didnt work. This I think is related to antibiotics weakening the liver, and alcohol does that as well, which may be the root of my acne.

Ive given up antibiotics and decided to strengthen my liver before drinking again. I think that drinking/smoking may aggravate your acne if you have a weaker internal system... Try probiotics or some supplements if you want to drink.

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It is different for different people. For me, I noticed that when I smoked, my skin tends to feel dull and I tend to break out around my nose, don't know if that's the real cause though, just what I observed.

As for drinking, I had no problems with it, so...

very much depends on your "system" I guess.

I have seen replies of people who both smoke and drink but was clear completely on the Regimen so if your own regimen works for you, then I guess shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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