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oh-so outrageous

Does anyone know what this is? Clogged Pores?!

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I get raised, skin colored bumps on my face that reallyyy don't go away. Right after I wash and dry my face, they seem to 'disappear' in a way. I can still feel them on my face, but I can hardly see them.

However, when my skin is oily, they look extremely raised and bumpy - almost like clusters of skin colored pimples! :confused:

Over time, sometimes.... these 'bumps' turn into a real pimples (exactly where the bump used to be), but that sometimes takes months... And until they form into a pimple (IF they do), I just have raised, skin colored bumps for months! :confused:

What arrre these things? Clogged pores? :confused: Can bumps this big even be clogged pores? How do I get rid of them? :cry:

Help? Anyone? :o

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omg yeaa i used to get thoes too!!! i have NO idea what they are , but they are soooo damn annoying!!!! try expoliating your skin cause that helped me. also mabe try wasing ur face with some kind of facial wash with Salicylic Acid (ex.Clean and Clear washes) it will make your skin dry but it will probably make them go away cause it worked for me too. Good luck hun:)

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I get these too. I think they are clogged pores from oil/dirt/pollution because they go away when you wash your face. I guess the only thing you can do is keep your pores clean & hope for the best lol.

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I have heaps of those omg !

are you using any moisturizer? because some moisturizer can clog your pores and give you those small bumps.

the best thing to do is to use salicylic acid (BHA).

ive been using paula's choice 2% BHA for 2 weeks and i can really feel those bumps going away.

hope that helped

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