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YAZ vs. Yasmin

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HI guys i was wondering if any of you have switched between YAZ and Yasmin and could share your experiences or if you have tried either :]. I was prescribed YAZ for my acne and it was HORRIBLE. worst acne on my chin and forehead.. places i don usually break out!! and i even tried to wait it out for almost three months :[[..i was previously on ortho tricylen-lo but that was a nightmare on my skin as well. plus i was an emotional wreck on YAZ. so i was wondering if yasmin is any different for clearing up acne than yaz and if its worth a shot because i was prescribed estrostep instead of yasmin when i went to the doctors and i read that that one was NOT good for acne and would prefer yasmin what you guys think :]

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Hi! I've been on Yaz a little over 1.5 years now (eek that's long!)

It's by far the only thing to help my hormonal/cystic acne! (took about 3 months of an adjustment period)

I considered changing because of emotional wackiness too! I gained a little bit of weight which caused me to be a bit emotional over the whole ordeal, etc. but now i'm used to it ha. I approached my OBGYN about changing, and she said I would have to really truly hate Yaz because the adjustment process with switching pills is emotionally,hormonally bad. Not a pleasant experience.

So i thought that hey my skin is quite clear! (most of the time!) i still fit in the same clothes (not much weight gain) and yea i'm emotional from time to time but i can take control, and i know why! (the pill, not that i'm depressed or crazy or anything)

anyway, hope that helps!

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