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Mr. Porker

Started Drinking Water and Eating More Fruit, As Suggested By Some People

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I've heard that eating well and drinking water are unrelated to acne, while some people say it is. I went ahead and tried it out, and I noticed that, coupled wtih my acne medications, I've been developing more white heads, like 4 or 5 that popped up over night. I know now to not touch them, and I've been avoiding that for the past two days, so here's what I'm wondering: is that BETTER? That might sound somewhat ridiculous, but after the whitehead develops, it'll go away, and since I'm not touching them anymore I won't get any scars or pigmentation or whatever right? And plus some of the dark/red spots seem to be slightly fading... is this a sign of something? The marks are still there, but become more of my skin color.

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Eating better helps but I dont think it cures acne. Unfortunately, there is no cure for acne. I touch most of my pimples. I think if a yellowhead is sticking out and its ready to be popped, I go ahead and pop it and not with my bare hands or nails of course. Its up to you though. Its your skin not ours

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Eating water and fruit is there for general health so regardless you should be getting into this.

I think the key for acne is to get into good habits, and one by one remove any bad habits you have. e.g poor sleeping periods, bad diets, general hygiene..

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