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Lumas's Super Duper Log!

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Hey everyone, im fairly new to this forum, but am quickly starting to love it. Ive had acne my whole life, mainly on my back, but also very mild acne on the face. Ive tryed everything from accutance to doryx for my acne with great results for a few months, but after stopping these prescriptions the acne came back. So for the past two-three weeks i have been starting my own regimen. I follow dans very closley now, but also add some vitamins and topicals. So here we go!


**Wash with basis all clear bar soap, which can be found at http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...x=BUY-GFI-0-MWS

After usings the basis soap i gentle pat my face dry

**Wait 1-2 minutes and then i gently apply a solution of 2 parts water 1 part apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball

I wipe it all over my face

**I wait another 10 minutes and then apply dans bp gel

** I wait another 10 minutes and then apply Eucerin Face Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion, which can be found at http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...BUY-PLST-0-SRCH


** I follow excatly what i do for the morning except somtimes ill substitue the Eucerin Face Renewal cream with 100% Pure Jojoba oil.

Vitamins I take (I take these vitams twice daily!)

Vitamin C 500mg

Vitamin E 400mg

Allicin (The part in garlic that is suppose to be most effective)

One a Day for mens health

GrapeSeed Extract



Flaxseed oil (1000mg)

I recently just started squeezing a half tsp of lemon juice into a 8oz glass of water. I drink 8 glasses of this a day.

For the past three days ive been taking pantethine. I began taking 300 mg then 450 and then 600. Im gonna stay at 600 for awhile and see if it helps with my oily face.

For the past three weeks ive been taking margarite pills. Supposedly its some chinese thing that stops inflamation. No inflamation no acne basically. I take 6 pills twice a day with a cup of warm water each time.

My face acne has pretty much stopped except for the same pimple i had two - three weeks ago that i messed up with retin a. It burnt my skin and made more pimples come up, now i have one last spot on my face and hopefully no new ones will form in that area. The red mark should go away for me pretty quickly.

No new Bacne really for the past two weeks. I have only been using the basis bar on it and then retin a every day. I still have old scars and am using retin a on that. Ive use it before on my back to get rid of scars and it has done wonders.

Ive been using the scotch tape method on my face for the past two weeks only once a week though so far. Im gonna start doin it twice a week starting next week though. It works and feels very well. My skin looks great after i do it.

I just got spenco 2nd skin quick heal today so im gonna use that on the red mark i have on my face. Hopefully it will help alot.

Things ive tried before!

Accutane- Made acne dissapear in a few months. Made me a maniac depressive though. Acne came back a few months after stopping accutane.

Doryx- Made acne stop quickly. Month after stoping, acne came back.

Brevoxyl- Made my skin way to dry.

Clindagel- Did nothing.

Differin- Made me breakout alot.

Zenmed( Tryed every product they made) - Did nothing!

Proactiv- Was ok. Bp Scrub is very harsh though.

Retin A- I still use this, but when i see my back gettin to red or dry ill back off for a day or two. I used this two years ago and would apply it everyday even when my back got too dry and it burnt me badly. Looked like i spilled hot oil on my back. It went away after a month and thank god teh acne scars were gone and my back looked great. Now i use retin a in moderation and its working very well.

If anyone wants to see a picture of me so you can judge the effectiveness of my regimen please pm me with email adress and ill send you a bunch.

The vitamins i think have been doin a great job for healing and keeping me acne free.

Thats it everyone. Please ask me any questions you may have. smile.gif

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