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Shiny Scarred Skin?!?!

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on my left cheek where I have rolling scars and icepick scars, the surface of the skin looks shiny and has a kind of waxy appearance to it. Does any body else have this? What causes this to happen? so far the treatments that I have done in that area are chemical peels, tca peel, dermarolling and filler injection. Would any of these treatments cause this shiny skin problem? is there anything I can do to reverse it?

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As far as I know, scar tissue is shiny. You have probably built up scar tissue from all your treatments. This will have smoothed out the skin but caused this shiny effect. Im not sure if needling will continue to help it improve or not? Im interested to know more as well though!

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I got burnt by using a product that was too harsh for my skin, some of those burn scars are shiny.

I think it could be the chemical peels or tca peel that caused your problem, some people don't react well with acids.

I'm not sure if you can reverse it but i've been researching and i think stem cells with prp injections or isolagen may improve it. The dermatologists i've seen told me not to do laser, it will make the condition worse.

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I think that's a faint type of hypertrophic scarring in reaction to your treatments.. and can improve over time. Azalaic acid cream and Retin-A have helped smooth the appearance of mine. Also, in the places where I have this, needling has only aggravated it more.. as have many other things. For this reason, I would lay off ALL of those treatments you mentioned, ninjazx, so that you can give it a chance to heal naturally.

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