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I have a huge picking problem. Doesn't matter if it's the smallest pimples or the biggest or a blackhead, I pick it until it comes out. But lately I just brush off the ones I know I won't be able to pop.. but if I know I can I just go for it and most of the time it works. Then after I pick, it just leaves a scab that goes away in a couple days but leaves behind a dark mark. I don't know what to do to stop this, it's honestly ruining my life just like it has to others. Is there any other way to take your mind off of it? How to stop looking in them mirror? And does this count as having OCD? By picking your skin every time you see a blemish? It's so exhausting.

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sorry to be the d-bag but it's the only answer

I guess youtube links don't work here, nevermind it was a madtv skit called stop it with bob newhart

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I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with this :( In my opinion, I would look at these factors to determine if it is OCD:

1) Are you picking only at acne or other areas of your skin that are clear? If you are also picking at clear areas, then it could be OCD.

2) What are your thoughts before and after you pick?

3) Is it significantly impacting your everyday life? Are you spending hours in front of the mirror?

4) Are you causing serious damage to your skin?

5) Do you have any other obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors? Often, OCD sufferers will have issues in other areas that may have nothing to do with their skin.

One reason it is important to distinguish between skin picking and OCD is that OCD can be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain that need to be dealt with by a qualified professional.

You may want to take a look at stoppickingonme.com

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I also learned alot from www.stoppickingonme.com

I definitely feel it does count as a minor form or OCD .... for me it's an impulse control disorder. I was in my 30's when I discovered this was my problem .... ever since I was in my early teens I would "mine" for new blemishes every time I had a chance to be alone with myself & a well lit mirror. I've been to dozens of dermatologists over the years, who all said my acne "wasn't that bad". I wished they could have told me about this ... but maybe they didn't know? My skin looked best when I had a forced vacation from mirrors (camping, etc.) In hindsight, my acne wasn't that bad, most of it would have gone away on it's own ... without me trying to expedite the process by bringing it to the surface. Which was seriously how I justified the picking!

As a result of this - I have stretched pores, and tons of red marks from having squeezed so religiously. When I was younger, my skin would always bounce back in a couple of days. But now that I'm aging (40yrs), the skin on my cheeks has lost it's elasticity and become thinner .... the damage is really starting to show.

For me, there was a comfort to find out I wasn't alone .... and there was a "disorder" behind my obsession. It made it easier for me to "fight back" against my desire. Seriously analyze your habits. I am most vulnerable in the evening - so now I take steps to change/fight the circumstances:

- leave the bathroom lights off when washing in the evening. Or put a towel over the mirror. Or do evening face washing while in the shower, again - no mirror.

- exercise in early evening, to burn off excessive nervous energy/ stress relief. During seasons while I was active in sports, my skin was always better.

- reward yourself for leaving a breakout alone. Seriously - treat yourself for good behavior.

Good Luck.

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