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Its been a while since I last posted here, must be over a year. Anyway I haven't exactly been following the routine but I've been following the basic principles here is what I've done:

Wash with soap (neutrogena facial soap, red or black)

Pad dry

Immediately Put on Alpha Hydroxy Moistriser

Wait for my face to dry a bit

Put on BP (2.5%, Oxy)

But the thing is my skin dries up extremely quickly. If I don't put on the Alpha Hydroxy Moisteriser immeditely after washing it dries up. If I pat my face dry it takes about 30 secs before it starts feeling tight. So I have to put on the moistriser before.

Anyway since I've been doing this for over a year my skin gets extremely oily. The acne is under control but its the oil. Its stupid the amount my face produces. I have to always tissue it off. It literally looks like I'm sweating that's how shiny my face gets. Within the hour of washing my face looks like it used to after a hard day at school.

But the thing is I DON'T use hardly any Benzoyl Perxoide. You know your meant to build up to a finger, well I've been using TINY amounts. A tube of the oxy stuff (UK) will last me a couple months. Yet my face is still dry.

Well its not actually dry because of the moisteriser but produces so much oil.

I tried to get myself off the BP and just used soap and alpha hydroxy moistriser (the one recommended) but still my face was dry after doing it for a week and I started to get pimples again so I got back onto the BP.

Anyway I'm stuck I can't continue to do what I'm doing. I guess I could cause it works but the oil on my face is a joke. I have a question:-

When I rub the moistriser in I don't actually rub it in, the skin seems to absorb it really well so I just spread it on, more like a lotion cause my face is still a little damp when doing so. I can't wait for the water to completely dry cause my skin will dry too much.

I just feel its not the BP drying my face (its impossible the amount I use, its about a quarter of a pea for my whole face), so is it the soap? I'm gonna try and just stop this and just get back to using normal skin cleansers/all in one things. Like Ten-o-six. What do you think? I'm still gonna have to use the moistriser because I gotta wait for my skin to get back to normal.

Oh yeah and are there any better moistrisers than the alpha hydroxy/eurcerin one? I've used normal ones (without alhpa hydroxy) and these are not where near good enough, my skin starts to flake up with them.

Anyway sorry for the structure of the post, I was just trying to get all my thoughts out and its a little hard to read I guess.

Thanks for any help you can give. I gotta get this under control cause I can't go on like this for another year. My face is just too oily and it even shows up in photographs, it looks stupid when I keep having to dab it with tissue in clubs and things.

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I just saw the videos that Dan's got on the front page and just saw he uses ALOT more moistriser than I do. The bottle I purchased over a year ago I still have so obviously I haven't been using enough.

Just wish I took note of that before :-(

Hopefully this sorts the problem out.

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