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Back on birth control. Just a question.

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I'm back on birth contorl, 1 month and 1 week. When do I see results? No one really answered last time I posted this. Anyone with first hand experience? I keep breaking out I'm just wondering when it should stop.

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i think most people say it takes around 2-3 months to see a difference...also some brands will work better for you than others...

hang in there...it takes time.

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Hi I'm in a similar situation to you... I went off BCP last October and I've been back on it for about a month. My skin seems to be slowly getting better, my doctor suggested that it would be 2 months before I saw a SIGNIFICANT difference, so maybe after I finish this month's I'll be able to see a bit of a bigger improvement.

I think unfortunately it just takes patience.

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When I started on Dianette ?(not sure which pill you are on...), I saw gradual improvements after 2 months and it got clearer and clearer until I was totally free from spots after 6 months. Hang in there, its worth the wait. It does take abit of time and patience, but you'll notice that they seem less inflamed and less new spots will appear from now on.

Good Luck! :-)

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I would expect to start seeing changes around 6-8 weeks, but give it a full 3 months before you judge whether or not its helping you. I would expect gradual changes since its happening from the inside, it takes time for your body to change the way it's producing those hormones and for your skin to respond.

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Yea, definately give it some time. I just switched BCP's couple months ago and my skin freaked out... The pharmicist told me give it 4 packs, as did my doctor, but she also said it could take up to 6 months for your body to adjust... Just depends on your body. Sorry if this doesnt help much, but i hope it encourages you to wait it out, because you wouldn't want to keep switching pills and confusing your hormones :)

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