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Question...this time its not about pigeons!

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ok u mite know me, i like pigeons but this time i need to ask a question.

ok try bear with me, when some1 is clear but used antibiotics(minocin to be precise) to get clear, and ur clear, do u still use the antibiotics because surely if u stop the antibiotics, u will breakout again in due course so whats the story? what does one do? im writing on behalf of a friend of mine who has no access to the internet(i know its very very sad!) so help me out please!

and if u reply, no SMILIES COS THERE SO FUCKEN ANNOYING AND STUPID! thats why i disabled them mwhahaha

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You are a strange bird, my friend....and I think you know which bird....

Well, tell your *ahem* "friend" that it is best that he/she continues using the antiobiotic. I mean, it's just like anything else....you use something that helps you reach the point you wanted to get to, but you have to keep doing whatever you were doing to maintain that level.....possibly by doing a bit less.

If a person was taking the antibiotic twice a day, then reducing dosage to once a day is possible. If it already was once a day, then the person will just probably want to continue with this. Otherwise, there's an excellent chance that acne will come back.

*making sure to stay away from emoticons*

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Guest fatman_uk

:lol::lol::lol::D:lol: :? 8) :lol::lol::D :oops: :lol::evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :?: :D:D

Merry christmas Shady, hahahahhahaha!!!

-Gaz (drunk, again)

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Cheers BBQ...ill tell my *ahem* friend...actually i wont cough cos thats rude...but ill tell him anyway. thank you. and gaz, ur a bad bad bloke

PS: Deep fried pigeons taste gr8 on a camp fire

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