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You Know You're on the Regimen/Suffer From Acne When....

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you know youre suffering from bacne when you are about 2 have sex with a girl, you try forcing her in to the woods so you can keep your shirt on. :D

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1. Smearing vaseline on my mirror so my skin looks good in a "dreamy" atmosphere like those 80s soaps lol

2. If someone is staying over you develop some kind of SOS plan to do your skin as efficiently as possible to not be obvious

3. No peripheral vision because of hairstyle

4. Walking past cheese aisle in supermaket very quickly

5. Running past biscuit/chocolate/sweets/crisps aisle in supermarket

6. Go to supermarket once every blue moon and just before its closing time

7. Spending ages getting ready to go to supermarket

8. Staring at people buying cheese/biscuits/chocolate/sweets/crisps at the supermaket and their clear skin, with envy and thinking "you lucky bastards"

9. Missing cheese

10. Googling celebrities with bad acne

11. Always wearing some sort of ointment/mask on your face in the house

12. Developing hermit-like tendencies 40 years too soon

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1. Talking to a person at school and seeing them touch particular areas of their face and thinking that your face just gave you a present in the same spot on your face. (My friends are like mirrors, if they rub their chin while talking to me, I know I have something going in there) ARGH!!

2. Telling everyone you go to bed at 9 nowadays because you want to get adequate sleep, when actually you want to have complete peace to do the regimen and let it absorb before bed WITHOUT your friends showing up at the door at nights.

3. Having "days off", where you shut off your phone and spend the whole day inside taking your time to do the regimen and do basicially everything you think is beneficial to your skin in a hope that "it gives your skin a break".

4. Graving for fast food everytime your friends have some, and ordering a healthy option just because "its the right thing to do for your skin"

EDIT: 5. Everytime you see a friend pop that Clearasil Ultra Effective Harsh Peeling 3-on-1 Scrub Mask Blackhead Emliminator bottle and raking their skin with it you go facepalm.

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1. hoping that the tempertature is low outside(not too much sun please), or the place u would be at has air conditioner. So ur face would not look so redden and hopefully shrink the pores and reduce the sebum outflow.

2. if applicable, dim the lights. or take cover at somewhere where u think the lightning would be more favorable to you

3. never maintain your posture when u talking to someone like u would frigid somehow so the people u are talking with would not have much time to notice/dwell on the problem areas.

4. when u see a new regime or items that looks promising to eliminate acne, u would hit off the nearest supermarket/pharmacy

5. always consider alot of factors when u considering/starting on a regime. for example, im currently using baking soda+acv, so i was wondering if i should use once a day or alternative day as some said it was not a gd idea to use everyday...blah blah blah.

6. one negative comments on a item review make you think twice about using the product for fear of breaking out and had a damn hard time deciding if u should go for it.

7. have thoughts of bringing everything-cleanser, toner...etc whenever u planned to stay outside for a long period.

8. scared of going overseas as u are not sure if u are able to bring so many of ur products to the be checked in in the airport(at least for mine, there seem to be some restrictions implemented on liquid type of stuffs, if not wrong). And fear that a change in the environment might triggered some breakout.

9.keep quiet when u heard someone comment on acne and hopefully no one would notice u are there...even if the comment does not specifically direct to anyone...

10. would rather stand at the side or behind someone when taking picture. basically not in the front row and/or directly in front of the camera.

11. u make up scenerios in ur mind of what happened if u have clear skin.

12. starting to envy people who have clear skin

13. hopefully can transfer one zit and/or blackhead to different areas of my body eg, hand or to someone with clear skin, as you know their skin would probably heal by itself and be clear again.

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When you decide to eat nasty healthy things in hopes to improve your acne, and end up dramatically losing weight unintentionally and your doc thinks you have an eating disorder.

Or you lose weight from depression from acne and your doc thinks you have an eating disorder.

When you sleep with a mini mirror beside your bed so right when you wake up, you can determine if its going to be a good day or a bad day

When you miss work over mysterious "migranes"

When you have a clear day, you can do anything and go anywhere at anytime

When you are so hungry from eating oatmeal and broccoli you cheat and eat an entire plate of carne asada nachos. Then spend all night wondering if it will make an impact.

When you combine acne with other skin conditions so your friends dont know you have acne. EX. I have rashes and skin infections.... it works...because both are true :(

When it rains, you HIDE.

You either become obsessed with every inch of your body, or neglect it in favor or your face

Your bangs often switch sides to cover one side of the face more.

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- when you convince yourself you're not going to attack your face with tweezers, and then you do it anyway

- you take handfuls of tissues with you after intense tweezers sessions so you can dab at your face

- there are trails of bloody tissue following you

- you eat your cereal with soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, or orange juice

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you know you suffer from acne when...

1first thing you do you when you wake up is check your acne in the mirror

2you know exactly which mirrors in your house you look best and worst in

3you see people who are not too attractive but have smooth skin and are jealous

4you get annoyed when family or friends give you advice about acne products and tell yourself 'what do they know'

5 you see someone with acne scars all over their face and feel happy you don't have bad scars or depressed because you know you'll get them or already have them too.

6 don't get too close to people so they can't see the redness and marks on your face to well

7 your face is red and spotty but there are no major pimples and you consider it a good day.

8 you see someone with acne and know exactly what products they should use

9 dump all your products on your face when your gonna meet up with friends or someone important the next day in hopes of slightly clearing your face up.

10 you can't imagine yourself with a smooth face and clear complexion

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When someone goes to use your bathroom and turns on the light they ask why it's so low or why it's so dark in there.

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Walking as confidently as possible through town, not making eye contact with anyone, looking directly ahead and attempting to pretend that it's a dream, in which no one else exists. Subconsciously assuring yourself that 'you shall be safe at home in front of your computer soon'.

This. is. too. true.

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Soo, i'm pretty much copying someone elses post on here that I saw a long time ago, but it made me laugh, and not look at my acne so seriously for a while and thought it might be good to start on the emotional acne boards. I couldn't find it on here :-[ so i'm starting up a new list, and add stuff as you wish.

1. walking with people you chose the side of your face that looks "best".

2. You avoid car mirrors at ALL COST.

3. HD camera - DUCK AND COVER!

4. you've heard the one person with clear skin asking "have you tried ProActiv?"

5. you sometimes stop paying attention to a movie for a second to look at someone's skin.

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hahaha. so true. walking on the sidewalk with someone and trailing behind for a second to catch up and walk on the other side of them... story of our lives!

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3. HD camera - DUCK AND COVER!

that's so me.

1. if you sleep on your side, and you wake up in the morning with your face deep into your pillow .. you hope that doesn't cause a break out.

2. you feel very different when your face is clear compared to when it's not.

3. you have gone over in your head hundreds of times of what you eat, products you use on your face, etc to try and figure out what could be causing acne.

4. you dream of the day when you can touch your face and not think oh is this gonna break me out?

5. you've had days when you just feel like a walking zit.

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so many people worrying about the foods they eat. food doesnt cause even mild acne. When I was clear I ate fast food everyday and when I started getting acne I stopped for a couple months and it didnt clear up so I went back to eating fast food and havent noticed a difference. The only thing that works is accutane and time. Relax and eat what ever you want before you die and regret it.

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so many people worrying about the foods they eat. food doesnt cause even mild acne. When I was clear I ate fast food everyday and when I started getting acne I stopped for a couple months and it didnt clear up so I went back to eating fast food and havent noticed a difference. The only thing that works is accutane and time. Relax and eat what ever you want before you die and regret it.

I'm the same as you, I can eat whatever I want without breaking out, however some people aren't as fortunate and some foods they eat truly does break them out and give them more acne, so for some they really do have to watch what they eat.

Back on topic though

You know you're an acne sufferer when you use any object around you that gives off a reflection to examine your face.

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Haha! I love this! Especially the smaking hands away from your face one! I don't get why people think they can just touch my face! DONT. I hate it when my mom does it too. I told her it was because of bacterica and she assumed I was just calling her dirty. :D I'm also guitly of the pillow one. Some nights I just can't take it (where my neck just hurts so BAD) and I sleep with my cheek full against the pillow.

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When I start doing weird stuff, such as refusing to let anything touch my face, that my normal friends would go,"wtf are you doing..."

Good time...good time...

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You know you have acne when:

1. Your daily attitude is: Who cares if I wrecked my car and my boyfriend broke up with me, my skin looked decent! OR I won the lottery today and realized I could fly, but who gives a f!ck my skin looks HORRIBLE!

2.You can fill an entire duffle bag with skin products that you "might" use if you'er going somewhere.

3. You sleep on your back because God forbid your face touches the pillow!

4. You can pin point the exact location of every single spot on your face without looking in a mirror.

5.You can't count the hours you spend in the bathroom with your skin.

6. A good day consists of staying home and getting to leave ointment/cream on your spots and not seeing anyone at all.

7. Your dad kisses you on the cheek/forehead with the least acne when saying goodbye.

8. You have over 1 million excuses as how to not hang out with friends. (I don't feel well and I'm napping can only work so much).

9. You're willing to go a day with NO makeup to the dermatologist because you want him to see how atrocious your skin actually is.

10. The first site you go to is acne.org. But God forbid that someone come in the room and look over your shoulder!

11. You frequently clear your histroy just in case someone sees your Google history.

12. You spend 90% of time in class either: wondering what your skin looks like, how oily it looks, planning th earliest possible time where you will be able to be alone and apply products.

13. You spend hours thinking about how much better life would be if you were the only one here and didn't have to hide your face or have someone comment on its redness. (No, its not a sunburn! Can't you just freaking leave me alone its the middle of winter!)

14. You arrive back from school, class, something where you were in public for a period of time and could not attend to your face, see your face is an oil slick, freak out for a minute, then grab and blott with toilet paper and blotting papers.

15. You take bathroom breaks to go wipe your face down/check on your skin.

Every 5 minutes.

16. You wear long sleeve jackets with extra long sleeves so that your can discretely wipe sebum from your face.

17. You wonder what it would be like to have clear skin.

18. You lash out at random people depending on the staus of your face.

19. You think that everyone is as obsessed%

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You know your acne is bad when you avoid public restrooms because the fluorescent lights make your face look awful knocking your confidence so you hold it in and your bladder nearly explodes.


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You know you're on the regimen when you sometimes take showers and use every means possible to keep water OFF your face (especially when i shower in the middle of the day, i'm so afraid of rinsing the BP off and it not working)

You know you're on the Regimen when you wear the same three tshirts to bed.

You know you're on the regimen when you've mastered the art of swiftly applying BP, Oil, and moisturizer before your hair dries, so you can style it without getting BP on it.

Finally, you know you're on the Regimen when you use an alarm to wake up at the same time every morning to do the regimen, and go back to sleep for the next three hours until its ACTUALLY time to get up (i have to do this otherwise i forget altogether)

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