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women: the acne and diet connection is true!

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I started getting acne last summer, but it started getting really bad in January. My sister had been telling me it's my diet and I didn't believe her until I changed it. My hormones were also changing. They say women's hormones change every 7 years, don't know if that's true. I'm 25 and never had acne before, only eczema.

Before I changed my diet, I went to the derm and he gave me topicals, special face washes. In Jan, he wanted to give me antibiotics and I didn't want to take them. So I decided to do the B5 megadosing for one month. It worked, but it started making my hair thin and brittle. That stopped as soon as I stopped it. To me, the B5 is good but is also using the band-aid effect. It will help for a while, but once you're off, it comes back.

Stress is another thing that is true with me an acne. I am a grad student and school was kicking me in the butt! I didn't believe that either until I made a point to lok at my face during stressful periods.

Went to the derm in April and she wanted to give me antibiotics too. I said no and she gave me Differin and Klaron. The stuff overdryed my face and made it look worse. So, at this point I am frustrated and decided to do something else. ](*,)

I read that book the Acne Prescription and it made a lot of sense. That is what I have been following. I don't do it religiously but basically eat chicken, beef, fish, fruits and vegetables. I take the supplements too, which are expensive and can run you about $70 for a 2 month supply. But if you don't want to do all the supplements, I'd just recommend a multi-vitamin and a B complex vite. I bought the DMAE cream at the Vitamin Shoppe and saw a post here about squeezing lemons into water for scars. I tried putting lemon on the active acne and the next day it was much less red! Trying it on the scars now too. You can't eat bread or refined sugars at all. Surprisingly, it hasn't been hard. You can eat sugar free chocolate if you get a craving- and it's good!

I've been doing this for 2 weeks and my face used to be so red and now it is MUCH less red. No new acne and if I do get any it is much less inflamed and smaller. And I realized that eating sugar and bread is a vicious cycle, you'll just want more and more especially after day 14 of your cycle. This diet has also helped me so much with PMS and I don't crave all this sweet stuff like before because I get the sugar from fruits. It is really amazing.

So the point is, if you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance like I am, your diet can exacerbate any hormonal related problems. So the best thing to do is treat your body as if its in a fragile state for a little while. But overall I do want to keep eating healthy because I feel so much better and am not so tired anymore! Hormonal imbalances can take a year to balance themselves I have read, if you have normal periods and nothing else wrong.

The hardest thing I had to do was be patient. All treatments take time. I'd say give the diet a good 2-4 weeks but it really works. Don't give up.

Paula biggrin.gif/

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This was so true for me too.

I was already taking all the supplements and tried several different things to get rid of my Acne.

The Acne cure did get rid of it but when I stopped doing the ice packs with the BP it came back. I tried Botchla's regimine but it didn't keep it away. No matter what topicals I tried, it kept coming back.

I did a few liver flushes. It got better, but it came back.

Then I looked at the info regarding Acid/Alkali foods. I discovered I ate almost exclusively from the Acid side. So I decided to change that and make great attempts to eat from the Alkali side. I added lots of fresh fruits and veggies to my diet. I try to stay away from sugar and fast food. I drink lemon water and green tea, never ever do i drink soda. I still eat some bread but I think moderation is the key.

Amazing. My breakouts have stopped.

I do still like to eat candy and on the weekend I usually wind up eating something that's not good for me but I really only get a few small bumps that go away after a few days of being good again. Nothing major like before.

I know this won't work for everyone but it is certainly worth a shot! I know I feel alot better too so it was worth it just for that for me.

Good luck everyone.

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Yeah for a long time I didn't believe in diets. I figured if i exercise I can continue to eat whatever I want. And I love eating! It's hard to make big changes like that- but it's worth a try.


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Then I looked at the info regarding Acid/Alkali foods.

Great to hear that you got benefits from looking at the A/A side of foods! Most people are not aware of the many other aspects of food and the way it affects our bodies. The most they know is fat % and calories. Anything else they just shrug off. sad.gif

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