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Hello Fellow Acne Sufferers:

I had teen acne that wasn't too bad (funny to think I thought it was bad at the time, I had NO IDEA!) and then when I was about 20, I was inflicted (yes inflicted) with cystic acne all over my chin & jawline and the occasional one on other areas of my face, but almost always cystic. After the emotional roller coaster that Ortho-Tricyclen put me on, I knew that was out. I tried Proactiv, the usual topical and oral anti-biotics, nothing seemed to work and then it just kind of stopped. I still had mild acne now and again, but not nearly what it was. It left me with these lovely purple scars all over my face that have made me a make-up addict. I have not been able to have a normal relationship (due to not being able to sleep over cuz of my face) nor have I been able to swim or even really go to the gym as this causes my face to flair up. After a 2-week period of having the most lovely skin I have had in 10 years . . . the cystic break out began again and right before my date with an NFL football player (sometimes I think God is playing tricks on me). Any hoo, it has now been a month and I have been to the Dermatologist 4 times in the last month, had injections on the really bad ones, spent over $500 (obviously just this month, not in total) and now I have huge cystic nodules and they are dry on the surface which looks super grodey (yes, this is a technical term ;-) with my make-up. I have tried LITERALLY everything, a new type of oral anti-biotic, the usual topical anti-biotic, Differin 0.3%, BP face wash, and now Spirolactone (sp?) and Yasmin. I am seriously at the end of my rope. Some days I just don't think it's worth it anymore, worth the fight, the agony, the frustration the pain (it physically hurts), I want to just move to a deserted island and never talk to anyone ever again.

If anyone has any suggestions on things that may help to alleviate the dryness or even lessen the severity of the nodules, I'm all ears! Thanks for reading my story, hopefully someone out there has something that can help me.

P.S. Accutane is not an option, due to joint issues.

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dng ws gona sy accutne. well the only things i can think of are dianette- another pill like yasmin but apparently its rediculously strong reserch it first cus it can have some scarey side effects when u come off it like more acne and hair growth. have u tried retin-a? or been to any sort of holistic practioner? they my be worth a go :) good luck

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